I was just curious about everyone here, since we all seem to be a pretty tight community... What does everyone do for a living? or better yet, that grueling thing that you do everyday that they give you a small wage for doing?

I work for a small Networking/IT Company, Im basically the store manager and fix/repair computers all day... by night arm chair general, play softball/football. no wife (devoted Girlfriend) no kids(she has a little monster) :)
Sounds boring but it's not that bad: Tax Policy Analyst

Also teach Kung Fu and coach any and all of my five kids in soccer, baseball, softball and hoops.
Graphic Artist for DOE in Oak Ridge by day; Editor of Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review http://www.mountzionpress.com by night; soccer coach for U10 girls team (my daughter's) on afternoons and Saturdays in the fall and Spring.

Of course only the first brings in any money, but the others are far more rewarding.

I am a highly trained, thoroughly experienced...

CAD monkey.

Actually, I'm an AutoCad Designer/Detailer, but CAD monkey sounds better. Hobbies are wife/kids and gaming.
AutoCad 2002 on Windows XP. I have an old copy of AutoCad 2000 at home (Win98) that works great for gaming applications :twisted:

You can draw anything from a lean-to all the way up to a space station. It can even do 3D, but I don't get to play with that much.

I also did martial arts for many years, (Kenpo-Jujitsu) but I had to put that on hold a couple of years ago. I hope to get back soon, but who knows.
Arkobla Conn, so does that mean you have your own office, or do you share with someone else, or are you part of "La Cubical"
DasClay said:
Rene' What are you in school for?

I'm at university: the town is called Erlangen (in a few years it probably will be part of the better known Nuremberg). I write my thesis at the department of Classical Languages (Greek).
Former international teacher, web programmer, editor, and now a (massively multiplayer online role playing) game designer and freelance author for a few companies (Mongoose among them).
In my mundane life, I am a Security Administrator & Information Systems Security Manager for a government contractor.

I have a wife and two kids, who take up almost all of my free time with after school activities, transportation requirements, etc. I do get some roleplaying in here & there when not in a Yu-Gi-Oh card battle with my sons.
Wow I see we have a pretty Diverse Group of people, all walks of life and professions. Now I know why all the replies other than mine sound well written and thought out. Just about everyone on here has a college degree or Technical background. Attention to detail seems to be the common trait.
I too am surprised about the number of professionals that frequent this board and have families.

I am a minority in my gaming groups (most are either living at home or are single or have no job) in that I have a 9-5 job and a family.
I am an intellectual property attorney, dealing in all areas of IP (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret), in both litigation and transactional matters.