HI there
I am looking at page 106 of the core rulebook where it reads under ACTIONS WITHIN NON-WARMEK VEHICLES. It says a full list of combat actions specific to vehicles can be found on page 106.?????
On page 107 it lists all of the manoevres for vehicles but what are the combat actions specific to vehicles as they are not on page 106.

Are they referring to actions as manoevres and that there are not any actions - just manoeveres.

Can anyone help me with this please....
Sorry joe,

Saw this last night but forgot to reply due to running the AotR stuff on paper.

I think the table on P.107 is that to which P. 106 refers. A manoeuvre is all a vehicle can do in combat as the weapons are fired by characters I reckon.

Set your mind at ease?