Urgent Poll Chas or M9?

Chas or M9

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  • WHAT FUEL STRIKE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Ok i have £16, tomorow my local store is getting the new chas in (Depending if the fuel strike hits them) now up untill then i was going to get an M9 for my force, which at the moment only consists of 2 squads of 5 power suits and an NCO.

On another note, the chas is cheaper, M9 = £12.99 Chas = £8.50
IMO, the CHAS is the better choice, unless you want a heavy weapons platform. CHAS preforms well in CC, has great speed, can Jump and fire while jumping and can reach out and touch someone with the Javelin.

THE Hawk, has a heavy flamer option or a .50 cal., and a ONE shot option with the blizzard, both will add to the cost of the model. Good for using against flyers and is a excellent LONG range support.

IF your looking for the best bang for the buck, then I will have to go with the CHAS.
Go for the chas those things kick butt and and they dont cost much in points either but if your aponent uses hoppers get a chicken
There is a fuel strike? And I thought shipping already took a long time here in the US, I hope that doesn't happen.
Relax its in the uk, theres a fuel strike today over the prices, petrols like £1 a litre now so the drivers are going on strike, their talking about a strike on saturday as well