To buy or not to buy?



Just a guest here. I haven't bought the new Conan RPG, but have been drooling over it in the stores for a few weeks now (I'm a huge fan of the world). I just havne't been able to bring myself to pay $50 for an RPG yet. Now that I see these posts about the erratta, I'm curious about the extent of these errors.

Are they only spelling errors? If so, are they rife throughout the book or only occassionally?

I'm trying to decide if I should buy it now, or wait til a second printing.
Tough call. I am a fan of the new Conan D20 but some of those errors are kind of annoying. I dont know when the new edition is coming out. If it will be out soon (less than a month) I'd wait.
It's your call. Just my 2cp.
The game is playable now, as-is. It's a great system, with great research into the setting. The errors are numerous and annoying, but with a look at the various errata posts on these boards, it's not game-breaking. The second printing won't be out for a while, though.

Personally, I'd buy the first printing, sign up for Sons of Cimmeria, and go from there.