TMP Pre-painted Poll

Sgt. Brassones

The Miniatures Page currently has a poll up asking if anyone would buy pre-painted non-collectable minis. The results look promising:
Seems Mongoose read the market right. Now if they deliver on their hype, they will have a huge hit on their hands.
Sgt Xin said:
Seems Mongoose read the market right. Now if they deliver on their hype, they will have a huge hit on their hands.

Especially on repaintable part. That way they won't be alienating those who like to paint either and so get best of both worlds :lol:

Looking good...
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I don't know if any of you play or collect Heroscape but that's a pre-painted miniatures game(non-collectible).

...and that game is selling like crazy. I've been collecting from the beginning and stores can't keep it on the shelves. Now granted they sell their miniatures in waves... so, it's limited in that respect but you can usually buy direct from Hasbro.

Even Wizkids is now releasing special collector sets that are non-random.

...and the quality is getting better every year, which is a good thing.
I have played Heroscape and although it's a lot of fun, it's very simple in play and limitted by the scenarios. It really doesn't appeal to wargamers but to a younger demographic. SST:Evo is aimed solidly at wargamers but, hopefully, will have appeal to the Toys R' Us crowd as well. I have high hopes for SSTE as well as BFE.
It's not the younger demographic who's buying heroscape... and if you can get your hands on the expansions it's a very different animal.

Unfortunately, if SST is aimed solely at Wargamers then it will fail like other games in the industry.

Our hobby is dieing a slow death... us Veteran gamers are getting older but no new blood is coming in. Stores are closing everywhere and more and more people are playing Video games because it's fun and easy.

SST needs to appeal to a broader market... pre-painted is a good start.
That's the main point of Mongoose going this direction. They understand the need for new blood. Other companies have shown how to attract it, but not necessarily keep it. Mongoose is trying to do both, and I believe they're going in the right direction.
Heroscape has proved hugely popular at my local club, with 7 or 8 people buying it all of whom are in their 30s and 40s. For such a simple game, it is suprisingly tactical. And a big appeal is that you get everything you need in the box - terrain, rules, dice, scenarios and painted figures.

At the other end of the scale, Confrontation is also hugely popular at the club, with similar numbers playing. The figures are some of the most fiddly I have ever seen and some of the most detailed, making them a pain to assemble and paint. The end results can be the most stunning figures I have ever seen but they are very time consuming.

I do think prepainted figures will be here to stay. And I'm glad about that, because I'm a gamer, not a painter. But I don't think the painting and modelling aspect is going anywhere soon either.