thorny tanker

Denny crane

Was there anyone who bought the thorny tanker and was disappointed at its lack of thornyness? I was expecting a porky pine type thing.
I mean it is thorny but not what I was expecting.
Well, if the lack of 'thornyness' bothers you, you can always model more thorns on your own... This shouldn't be very tough, just use Miliput or Brown Stuff instead of Green Stuff - these dry harder and are better for filing. Or you could use some spare claws from the warrior sprues - just be sure to pin them good.
I was lucky. My Thorny Tanker kit included four extra thorny bits for the abdomen. Using some epoxy putty to fill in the gaps, I was able to attach the extra thorns.

To quote Sgt. Ray Ray: "Me so thorny!"
I used several methods to make my Thorny extra prickly. Greenstuff spines on the legs and metal bits from the sprues of metal men cutinto shapes and then smoothed out with more greenstuff.