The Witching Hour

I'm gearing up to start my Conan campaign next month and have started working on the NPCs invloved. I'm running a story in northern Nemedia

Here are the NPCs that I plan on using. As I get more written Ill fill in the missing parts on each npc and new ones to the mix. Their actual stats will come later.

I'm still working in some of the terminology on the Adventurers in Free Companies.

Here is what I have so far.. I'll get into the plot more as I develop it.

Conan - The Roleplaying Game
“The Witching Hour”

Personalities (NPCs)

Etales Aristeaus (Eh-tall-ees Air-eh-stay-us)
Nemedian Male (Age: 63), 8th Level Noble
Station or Title: Lord of the Urlaub Fief
Notes: Etales is an older man in his early sixties with a large appetite for life and an undying passion for his barony and his people. He lives life to the fullest and has a booming laugh that is infectious. He has dark wrinkled skin and wears his graying hair trimmed short. Despite his age, Etales is considered very attractive by the noblewomen of Nemedia. His wife died many years ago and depsite many suitors, he never settled down again.

Etales rules the Urlaub fiefdom with a firm but even hand. He is careful not to over tax the people in an attempt to keep the barony running harmoniously. This frustrates many members of his lesser nobles, but it is well beyond their power to change things.

Etales has three children, though he only offically claims two of them. His first born son, Atrean, is lord of Edram castle and overseer of the Dinander Province of the Urlaub fief. Atrean is strong solider, a good leader, and is well thought of among the high courts of Nemedia. His daughter, Amara is a young beautiful woman of eighteen years. In the past two years she as learned a hunger for knowledge and thirsts to improve her station at the high courts of Nemedia. Etales third child is named Eron. Eron was born on the exact same night as Amara, albeit to a different woman. Etales had Eron raised by his mother in the countryside where he would not be an embarrasment to his standing.

Atrean Aristeaus (Eh-tray-ehn Air-eh-stay-us)
Nemedian Male (Age: 22), 5th Level Noble/5th Level Soldier
Station or Title: Lord of the Dinander Province, Captain of Edram Keep, Provincial Captain of the Adventurers
Notes: Atrean is every bit his father’s son. His striking dark features and fair hair are the envy of others and the object of lust for most women that meet him. Atrean is well trained in the ways of the courts and the sword, often having to use one skill to avoid using the other. He is well respected among his people, by his father, and by the king of Nemedia. The King of Nemedia (after the death of his son during the recent war with Aquilonia) has entertained the idea of naming Atrean: High Protector of the Dragon Throne.

As Lord of Dinander Province, Atrean carries out his father’s will among the lesser castes. He is a kind and just lord and well spoken of, even among the peaseants. In his capactity as Captain of Edram Castle Atrean is charged with the defense of the Dinander Province. He oversees the northern armies as well as the local contigent of Adventurers that are stationed in the area. Though numerous, he handles these duties as a true son of Nemedia.

Atrean has recently fallen in love with a noblewoman from the city of Dinander. He plans to marry her in the gardens of Edram Castle when the time is right.

Eron Aristeaus, aka “Sgt. Bastard” (Air-Ron Air-eh-stay-us)
Nemedian Male (Age: 19), 7th Level Soldier / 2nd Level Borderer
Station or Title: File Leader of the Dinander Adventurers, 1st File Regiment, Bastard son of Etales, Lord of Dinander

Amara Aristeaus, aka “The Witch” (Am-ah-rah Air-eh-stay-us)
Nemedian Male (Age: 19), 2th Level Noble/ 5th Level Scholar
Station or Title: Daughter of Lord Etales, Nobility

Edaseus, (Eh-day-see-us)
Aquilonian Male (Age: 23), 1st Level Soldier / 3rd Level Borderer
Station or Title: Private in the 1st Company Regiment of the Adventurers

Evir, (Eh-veer)
Zamoran Male (Age: 23), 2nd Level Soldier/3rd Level Thief
Station or Title: Private in the 1st Company Regiment of the Adventurers

Finimar, (Fin-eh-mar)
Argos Male (Age: 23), 2nd Level Pirate/2nd Level Soldier
Station or Title: Corporeal in the 1st Company Regiment of the Adventurers

Ingir, (In-geer)
Hyperborean Male (Age: 40), 12th Level Scholar
Station or Title: Scholar in service to Hyperborea

Ophir Male (Age: 19), 2nd Level Commoner / 1st Level Thief
Station or Title: Peasant