The Oldest Tower

~~~ The Oldest Tower ~~~

His shadowy form climbed up the huge Tower
using superb agility and muscular power.
The very high black Tower poked up at the Gods,
and cast gloom down upon the poor peasant sods.

No-one remembered who bid it made:
perhaps by a King ? Or a dark Lich-shade ?
It's rumours and legends could fill many scrolls.
All besiegers and thieves had all lost their souls ?

Some said it now was a Dragon's high lair,
or Witches held coven and sacrifice there ?
Was it alive and made of living stones
which shifted, to trap and crush human bones ?

Had it been hurled from an alien star
to pierce in our Earth like a spear from afar ?

As the lonely Thief climbed into the top
he dropped to his knees, heartbeat did stop.
His mouth gaped dry, fear to terror raised.
At his trembling flesh, several red 'eyes' gazed.

He was grabbed so fast, he felt no pain,
but un-human minds caressed his brain.
Then a thing was flung down without a sound,
far below it did splat hard on the ground.

Before the corpse fell to be smashed apart
something had ripped out his missing heart.
If his mangled remains had been looked at fresh,
strange tentacle-suck marks 'tattoo' his flesh.

No scavengers will go near that black Tower.
Wolves stare in hunger, but fear it's power.
So the body just rotted for many a day.
Even the Ravens did keep well away.

A 'sea' of bones lapped knee-deep round the Tower:
testament to it's eldritch dark evil power.

[ by Buxom Sorceress c.2009.

i wrote this a couple of months ago, and it's been sitting restlessly in my notebook, waiting for me to get in the mood to polish it, type it in, and post it.
after just reading some of Howard's huge book of COLLECTED POETRY i have been revitalised, and back in the mood for poetry. :)

i have always been fascinated by towers, in reality and fantasy.
this grim poem-tale is of the 'ultimate huge evil tower of very ancient mystery and terror': it cannot be conquered, mastered, robbed or destroyed; it has stood since the dawn of time; it has been feared and worshipped by club-wielding cavemen... and all their descendants since...
even the greatest Atlantian Sorcerers have pondered it, probed it, and donated their bones into the piles around it's base.

it is the oldest symbol and legend of mystery and terror...
and it still stands in a remote mountainous part of Hyboria...?
[ or anywhere else you want to set it...?? ] ]

hope some of you find this useful? [ this tower and poem could be in the rumours and legends section of your next Conan rpg game? ]
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---- :)