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"Re: Core Rule Book Version 2 - very well done Mongoose!

Postby msprange » Thu May 26, 2016 9:53 am

We decided [the new character sheet] was of limited utility in the [new core rule] book itself and the page space was better used elsewhere - you can simply download a character sheet here:

Hope that helps!
Matthew Sprange

Mongoose Publishing"


The new character sheet lacks the traditional red "Traveller" header/footer, which would add colour+style, and remind users which game-system the sheet is about.

Section headings: grey script on a black background is not legible, particularly after copying/scanning.

The new sheet may be monochrome for ease of photocopying, but it looks dull. The previous sheet may have had a slightly busy and confusing layout, but it also had one colour (red).

In comparison to the previous sheet, the new one has a much more legible (shorter) skill list, in a larger font.

Personally I would break that list down by the circumstances in which the skill is used ("Space", "Personal combat", "Planetside", "Inter-personal", "Other technical", and "Other") and maybe even colour-code those sections. New players find it less daunting to find the skill they need if they know which category to search. I admit that the categorisation of some skills in this system may appear arbitrary, and thus for those skills alone my system may not help.

Another improvment in the new sheet is the box for Psi rating. It's good that this is separated from the other attributes, but it could be even better if that were marked in some way (eg lightly shaded), to emphasise that this attribute is a secret.

Neither sheet has a box for native language, but perhaps the new rules (which I have not yet seen) do not require one?

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Lindsay Jackson
Agree in blocking the skills to make them easier to find. I do miss the red, no real reason other than it helps 'pop' the character sheet from the dull black and white.