The future of the line...


Just wondering what the future holds for this line?

I know there was talk about a boxed set/compilation that would come out, is that still in the works?

I am REALLY interested in the novels you guys were working on and if I read right, one is finished already and was sold at a Mongoose Open Day? Is there any chance someone who couldnt go could get a copy? Also, just to satisfy my curiosity, what is it about/how long is it etc?

I know theres a ton of other stuff coming out from mongoose at the moment, so all this may have been put on the backburner for a while, I just thought id ask!
The novel is well worth buying. And Matt has said they'll be doing more with it once their other big licences settle down again.

Well, believe me, I WANT to buy the novel, but we cant at the moment :) ;)

I was wondering when it was scheduled to come out?
The Shotgun Mike Novel entitled "Standing Alone" is out, AFAIK, I picked it up at the ACTA tourney back in Feb.

Standing Alone : A Shotgun Mike Novel
M J Dougherty
ISBN 1-604577-37-7
Mongoose Publishing