Campaign advice

Hello Hivemind I need some advice

My online group just finished our mega campaign (WFRP Enemy Within 😎) and playing Traveller was mooted. What do you all recommend?

Some caveats.
  1. Nothing too long. We just finished a monster campaign, so a short series of adventures or mini campaign would be good.
  2. Not Secrets of the Ancients as I'm running this for my face to face group.
  3. The group likes a strong narrative, so sandbox may be a stretch for them
I had a look at the Mongoose site, but details are thin for some of the "campaigns" and I can't find reviews for many of them - Whispers on the abyss and Order of Prometheus case in point. Would consider 2300AD but know nothing about the setting.

Thanks in advance
The simplest way to run a Traveller game is just to sandbox it. Pick a subsector and give them a Type S Scout. Send them on tasks and missions with an overall theme.
Some themes include -
- Pick a megacorp. They're the bad guys. They've got their nefarious unwashed digits in too many pies and somebody wants some deniable agents to get the dirt on Bad Guy Inc.
- Do an exploration game. The Imperium will pay good money for updated survey data and needs a team to go confirm this or that bit of data.
- Have the PCs discover a new Minor Race. Now they have to protect said race from local interests who are not enthused by the idea of a new race of sophonts upsetting the local land-owning and resource harvesting economy.
- Or you can have them find a Type A2 Far Trader and have them be smugglers.
As to your sandbox area, if you can find a copy of The Traveller Adventure use that as a guide. It's a fun campaign, but it's far more gratifying making your own place to muck about in. The usual suspect for this kind of campaign is Dist. 268 in the Spinward Marches but almost any subsector will do.
Would consider 2300AD but know nothing about the setting.

The 2300AD Setting was developed by GDW back in the day as an alternative Scif-Fi setting to the OTU (and for an entirely different ruleset originally). They took their Twilight: 2000 Setting (early 21st century post-World War III holocaust / military) and "evolved" the history of that Earth 300 years into the future. Earth is still balkanized, has developed an interstellar drive (the "Stutterwarp"), and has begun to explore nearby star systems and establish colonies on extrasolar worlds along various "arms" of colonization among the stars (but some worlds have competing colonies from different governments on the same world). Aliens have been discovered, but they are truly "alien". In general, it is a very "Hard-Sci-Fi" setting (e.g. no gravitics or contragravity, realistic reaction-drives and spin-habitats on ships, and most tech is extrapolations or projections of things that we have now or believe we will be able to develop given enough time and will). The most advanced nation on Earth is the recently established Third French Empire, with America and China as close seconds (and these three nations control the three principal arms of interstellar exploration out from Earth - other nations have spurs off of these arms based on their alliances).