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Well I'm 26. Single, rented digs. Too much disposable income, most of which goes to Mongoose.

veon said:
:lol: YES, I'm not the only one here who can't legally drive yet (in the US that is, what is the UK's rule for driving age?). :lol:

16 for mopeds, 17 for cars and motorcycles (below a certain power rating), depending on how you get your licence, 19 or 21 for any power motorcycle. 21 with 3 years of licence holding under your belt to teach someone to drive.

31, Indianapolis Native, Sheriff's Deputy. I game Flames of War (Go Russia!) and SST, And used to be a 40k player, Till I got tired of the gouging and the rules that got more and more dumbed down with each edition. Been playing RPG's for 17 years, Mini's for about 12. Started with Ogre Mini's and went to Rogue Trader.
will be 22 in a month exactly. just got out of the military (yes i went in young). i was a 19k for those who know their MOS's. (thats an M1 Abrams Crewman to you civvies). Now i work at FedEx on the ramp driving the heavy equipement until i get out of school. going to get a major in Graphic Arts with a minor in CAD. oh and i have been gaming for 10 years. started with Battletech.
35.5 years of age.

10.5 years in the military. USMC Heavy Machine Gunner. The .5 comes from being extended during the Gulf War, till we came back stateside and I re-upped anyways.

Been a Louisiana State Police officer since 96, when I got out of the military. Been a gamer since 77 when I started with Battletech and D&D box sets.

I have 3 little girls after 12 years of marriage and NOBODY gets my interest in this hobby except my 1 year old, who has suddenly decided she wants my CAP troopers for her own.

Currently I reside just outside New Orleans, and have plenty of ammo should I decide to go downtown.
32, married with child.

I am a dealer. 8)

It's just fun to say, because people that are not from here hear that and are like, "You're a what?" Card dealer. Just started my new job at Wynn Las Vegas (aka the dream job) which will help supply my SST fun money.

My first mini game was Rogue Trader and I collected that company's minis for a number of years (never had much chance to play though). Given up at the last price increase and then found SST! And yes, I have been SAVED!!! Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?

Yes, I know. I should get some sleep soon. :p
Wow. Do i feel young.. -.-

Im 14 and currently a scripter for a game. :)

Damn.. I must be youngest on board >.>
I am 36 years old and will be 37 in November
I am a Technical Advisor for a software developer making… Games! :)
I have worked with my current employer for well over nine years now
I have played 40k for the past 3 years, and well no need to get into all that :evil:
Now I am tiring to find the time to assemble two new armies
Age doesn’t matter!
Have fun before the bugs drop a rock on us!

I am a 16 yr. old, and have been gaming for about 8 years...(That's half my life, for those who are to lazy to do the math/ who don't care. :D ) and I am a student still. Yup.....Not much else to say, except....MI ROCK! Yeah BUDDY! Oh yeah, any Northern Virginian's (I think I saw at least one) who need a gamer to play, take a look up at the Chantilly Game Parlor. Me and my Bro. (he's 19 fyi) are starting a bit of interest, and are going to demo it this Thursday, if your interested. (We have 2 box sets, so if your lookin' for a game, I'll still have MI to use. Send me a PM if you live 'round these parts, capiche?
Murray, 39 Victoria BC Canada

Systems analyst with more money than sense when it comes to this stuff. Always behind on my painting. I have played Miniatures for almost 10 years starting with Napoleonics and moving through to 40k recently. I really enjoy GZG's games: DSII, SGII and FT. Still waiting for ST to arrive.