Al Morai J4 Long Haul Trader (and random HG ship build poll)

Should High Guard ships that apply TL modifiers or tweaks to the build be eligible for the Core book

  • Yes - Always.

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  • Yes - Once the first version (prototype) is produced.

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  • No - But it would be ok IF the HG version didn't use any of the tweaks.

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  • No - All HG builds are singly crafted to a higher (and different) level that does not lend itself to

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steelbrok said:
I'd just like to say thanks for posting the design, I use Al Morai in my campaign and this is very useful

You're very welcome steelbrok, and thank you. Made my morning seeing this :)

If one person finds it useful that makes it worth sharing.

Note though, I goofed on the Shuttle cost when playing with a bit. Updated the original post to reflect the fix.
Some while back I mentioned to middenface that his "Escort" (recently "Garuda class"):

...had happened to appear just as I was looking for a 100ton or so ship/shuttle. That project sorta froze and got buried. Then I started messing with this Al Morai work again, and when deckplanning the Shuttles it hit me that a little rescaling and fudging of features would make his work a natural for me to leech :) I did :twisted:

Here's the deckplans (mostly finis, good 'nuff fer now) that resulted. If you squint and imagine a few subtle shifts and such you can use the views linked above to work with the plans. Hmm, does not seem to have saved them at full size. Not that the size below is bad for quick looks and comments. Will have to work out the full size linkage later...



As always; critique, question, comment...


As a quick fix (which may be all I do) for the image resolution issue I've uploaded them on CotI (you'll still have to be logged in there to see them apparently... )

The Passenger Shuttle:

The Cargo Shuttle: