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OK, since yet another topic moved warp speed away from it's intent, I figured I'd make up a poll related to that digression.

So, for your enjoyment...The AGE POLL!

To kick it off:

Age: 37
Occupation: Senior Network & Security Admin

I'm an older player with more money than time to spend on SST!
well im 32 (i think)

And Im a miniature pimp, i sell second hand game modles on ebay !

i also do any manual work that comes my way to keep fit (better than the gym and pays you)

i started gaming when the first plastic marines where released !!! 1988/89 i think, befor that i did a few other games but not serously.
As I rise from my rejuvenation chamber I note that I am still 59, still an SF fanatic and still a wargamer. Age does not weary just makes us more cantankerous. Oh, and we sometimes fall asleep if the games go on too long.
I'm 23, been a gamer since 10.

I'm in the editorial business and am a recent surviving escapee from GW
36 Years Old. However both my sons play 11 & 9. Also one of my daughters plays age 7 (Still working on the 5 year old).

Department manager. About 26 years gaming / RPG
37. Hooked on these games (RPGs, then minis) for 26/27 of those years.

Currently 'between jobs' after redundancy, making a few £s here and there via e-bay and painting other people's minis.
Well, I'm 33.

Been playing Wargames since I was around 20. Mostly 40K (which I still play fairly regularly).

Keith Mc
Im almost 18 and doing very little (just dropped out of school)
been gammin for longer than i can rember mainly in it for the minis :D
I'm 40, self-employed as a professional musician (teach 60+ students weekly, studio sessions and residuals are my basic income). Been playing wargames since I was 10 (first game was Avalon Hill's Panzer Leader, started with minis - Napoleonics at first - when I was 15).
I'm 34, and work in the Pharmaceutical industry. Been gaming since grad school, mostly GZG, and historicals (WWII). I play 40K on occasion, but mostly like Stargrunt II for my Sci-Fi.

I just joined this board, and saw this topic, so I thought I'd chime in:

I'm 44 (yeah, yeah, I know) and live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

Computer programmer currently contracting for the (US) Federal government.

I've been playing RPGs since 1976 (original DnD), miniature gaming for about 4 years.

I'm looking forward to playing SST, I just need to decide what to paint first: MI, Bugs, MI, bugs...
33.5 I do stuff for a living... stuff with computers. But I don't do computers... oh no, not IT.

So I am a sterotype. Overweight, single, male into RPGs and Miniatures (actually I'm more into painting them), comics. Infact just about anything with words printed on it is what I'm into. Reading or writing, or just thinking about reading or writing. But especially reading.

When my ex-girlfriend was at uni, I'd read 90% of her literature reading list.... :twisted:
OK heres a Little bit on me I'm' 41 bin a gamer for 30 of those
started out on the first D&D got in to 007) traveler) champions) V& V ) any thing TSR ..
games work shop 40 k ) from way back the old (bookshelf games)..also more recently whizkid mage Knight hero clix' and pirates ...

i live in NJ with my wife who puts up with my addiction lol..
i run my own biz''
and tri to get in to some good games when time permits' :wink:
63 so thats about 50 years of gaming.Started off
with Board/hex wargames(TaticsII)& finally OD on them
in the early 90's & got into TT.Mainly GW WH Quest,Mortheim &
recently LoTR.

My favorite SF game was WarZone but SST is calling,
recently I pulled out my 1970's AH edition of the Board Game
and i'm feeling the urge.

I am 58, a Consulting Engineer, and have gamed this storyline exclusively since 78' AH 6mm and then 25mm......Sure, Iv'e had my minor infidelities......Plastic beaky spacemarines vs hulk.... Aleins vs Colonial Marines..... but can't you see the pattern here....
ianvancheese said:
15 so i got a long life of gaming ahead of me!

:lol: YES, I'm not the only one here who can't legally drive yet (in the US that is, what is the UK's rule for driving age?). :lol: