Thanks for the Nials

Thakyou to everyone who passed on their AOG nials, (you know who you are) I wanted enough for a Morshin carrier, I have ended up with enough for a Morshin and 2 sharlins.

I think my next friendly will be a 5 point battle with you guessed it a Morshin and 2 sharlins.

Playing friendlies I always start with all fighters launched, it's just easier, plus of course increases their effectiveness a little. Also normally use a little rule that counts bulkhead hits by fighters as a solid hit. Along with the new armageddon rule for fighters firing first this should make fighters viable.

Cpt Kremmen
PS If anyone has any additional AOG full size shadow fighters they don't mind selling, please send me a PM. I need another 9.
That's a lot of shadow fighters. Diddy ones at 6 per flight or the old fashioned big ones?

Why 17? That sounds like 2 shadow cruisers + something else??