Temple of the Sky can be found.

After hearing that Pat Mills co-author of Slaine making some appaerance at a libary in Watford.

I wanted to ask somebody attending if they would ask him where the location of Worms Head farm on the Gower is.

Of course.... you must be laughing at me if I'm looking for a actual Dragon farm.

No, I'm not!

I am looking for the real world location that must have been inspiration for the place of the Knucker's origin in Slaine.

Anyway, I found that Worm's head on the Gower is real and if your familar with Bristol, you might know that it's in SwanSea north of the Bristol Channel.

It's coastal location on the south west of Wales is what troubled all my prevoious searches on web maps and Google Earth. Firstly I was searching on the eastern coast near Durrington, Oxford. As I knew Nest attended college there. Though, my search did move westwards, and little more south until I was looking pretty close to Swansea. Without actualley thinking that was the place. As the Gowerland in Slaine is nowhere near any coastline. My mistake and confusion due to changes that have occured in that part of the world since then and now.

I wonder if Google Earth has a Iron age map, not that I expect it to be the same map that Massimo B. drew for Slaine Dragonheist.

Thats really too much, I guess.

Not without the satellite photography.

Anyway the actual Wormhead is small island off the coast line of Rhossili Bay, Swansea.


Those sheep in the foreground are perhaps the closest you would get to Dragon's in that place, but you never know otherwise.

I'm pleased I found the place after it illuded me for so long. Even a place called Worm's head on another place titled the Gower. As this exceeded my intitial expectations. There also some old small villages where Crumlyn might have been wether or not that was a real place as well. This place, also referred to as the Glamour land, Realm of Illusion. Perhaps that village of the same name in Ireland today was situated in Iron age Swansea by some virtue of magic.

You know through a magical gate or nexus.

Thats food for thought.

Anyway, now that I found those places, I wonder if there is lake and some black mountains and a silver forest. Perhaps, they are distant places sitiuated in other parts of Britain or Ireland as well. Existing in the Glamour land by the same magical ties that have latched on to Ireland's Crumlyn as well. If I'm right about that.

While physically existing in their present locations today. They were at one time only accessable through the Glamour land. Otherise fully enclosed with some powerful magical barrier.

Perhaps, places just change so much in the intevening years. That they are unrecognisable.


As I was rereading Slaine DragonHeist just now, I noticed that it was announced in the narrative that Slaine and Co. were travelling north from where they survived the Cloud Curraugh's crash landing earlier into the lands of Cambria.

Land of Red Dragons.

Another word for Wales. If I took notice of this sooner. I might have been tipped off to keep my searching confined to Wales, rather than the entire southern part of Britain. Though, I wonder if Nest rode the Knucker to college campus in Durrington, Oxford each moring, flyingback to the farm in the afternoon or if she stayed in a dorm.

It's long journey, by horse. Perhaps thats another aspect of the Glamour land working it's magic.