Temple of the Sky can be found.


'Or Temple of the stars'

I'm not sure if I should bring it up here on this forum.

Though I remembered this featured in one of the early Slaine stories.

All the signs of the zodiac embedded in the country side of Somerset near Glastonbury England.

Whether not it's reflected up in the sky remains to be seen or if these symbols even match todays constellations.

I may post up the pictures I have found in book some other time.

Those of you that live nearby can check it out instead and perhaps, although you may need a plane as the signs themsleves are large and can only be made out from the air.

I thought this a interesting find as I have not been able to find it onb thje internet like I could find picutres of Dinas Emrys, Slane Hill, and even the Cave of Beasts located near Spain.
Sorry about the URLs , but I can't post images, yet.



This here is a map of the Pyrennes in Spain where you should find the Les trois Feres caves (#9) that were home to the Lord weird Slough Feg in the Slaine Saga ( http://www.lugodoc.demon.co.uk/SCTB.HTM)


I was able to find a good map of of the cave system that sombody had drawn about a over a year half ago when I had first done a internet search on this subject. Those pictures are no longer accessable or they have been moved somewhere else.

I will keep loooking.


This is what I could find of the Zodiac Map on the country side of Somerset England.


This is a more accurate one. It's very much similar to the one I found in my book and you can recognise the each sign is outlined on the country side near Glastonbury. You may notice that they have Zodiac walk for tourists. ( So some of you locals can go there for selves.)

I may post up the other images I have found some time in the future.



As for Dinas Emyres, I can only find picutres of the mountainous area and the country side around it. Of cousre there is no sign of castle and it has a major highway built next to it. There is a river close by.

Doesn't look quite as majestic as it's been depicted in the comic by G.Fabry and S.Bisley.


( Dinas Emyres is right near the top close to the middle, it looks like amountain covered in heavily forested area. That huge lake off to the right hand side is call Llyn Dinas. )

One can only imagine the fortress on top!

That is all for now.
About the "cairn of Barnenez", a vey interesting site, and it's near the place i leave.


And still about megaliths and sites interesting for Slaine inspiration :

good links all I live very close too avebury,stonehenge and silbury hill in fact have got a wonderful view of the anicent ridgeway from the top of our road 8)
Part of the reason for my facination for these places are that they are very exotic and foreign to one such as me.
toothill man said:
good links all I live very close too avebury,stonehenge and silbury hill in fact have got a wonderful view of the anicent ridgeway from the top of our road 8)

Avebury is an amzing place. One of the few good things about Swindon is the sheer number of stone circles, white horses etc in the neighbourhood.
must amit their is a feeling along the ridgeway I have not found anywere else 8) love doing the walk from avebury to ogbourne st george the veiws are out of this world 8)
I had been leafing through a book on sites of mystical significance and came across a ariel photo of the White-horse of Uffington, which is pretty close to Swindon. Thinking it was the White-horse shown in one of the panels of the first issue of the Slaine comic 'The Time Monster'. (Prog330) It says in that panel that they are actualley entering Gabala which is on the western coast of Syria. ( Quite a distance from Uffington.) So now I looking for all the White-Horses in Europe. There must be quite a few.



You will notice that it does look very much similar though.

I also came across a ariel photo of the Cern Abbas Giant. Also known as the Rude Man. Some thing like this was featured in one of the panels of Slaine: The Beltain Giant (Prog336). Though you might notice that in the comic it carries a severed head it's left hand, unlike it's real life counterpart. This is near Dorset.


There is another one called the Long Man of Wilmington. So far I have found no pictures of it.
There are 5 white horses in close proximity to Swindon IIRC.

Edit: there are six acording to this: http://www.swindonweb.com/leis/plachors0.htm
I was just flipping through the Slaine core rule book and noticing the detailed map. ( Better than the one from the Horned God graphic novels.)

As it's a prehistoric map, its showing all the contentients before they drifted apart.'

I was under the impression that Gabala was on the west coast of Syria. Just to the right of the boot of Italy ( If you look at a up to date map.) across the Caspian Sea.

In map on page 11 right smack in the midst of Drune Lord territory there is Gabala situtiated just above Spain or on the borderes of it.

Either there are two Gabala's or the continental drift was very strange indeed.

It just doesn't seem like the most likely of places for the area to have originated from.

I might just go check where it is on the modern map again.
As I was reading random parts of the SLAINE RUNEQUEST Core Rules book, started reading from CAMBRIA onwards to the end of th chapter ( Pages 133-138)

Knowing that most of these places really do exist in the real world. I know that CAMBRIA is just another name for WALES.

Is there really a place corresponding to the GLAMOUR LAND OF ILLUSION?

Well not literally!

As I am referring more to landscape matching that from the "Dragonheist " tale. Rather than places that are just pure fancy.

Is there a place like the GOWER (Moorland) . A large flat plateau infested with limestone caves underneath. just underneath some BLACK MOUNTAINS. Overlooking a river running through in a SILVER FOREST called COED ARIAN. The river running from a lake near the village of CRUMLYN.

I doubt that village might be real or that there is a forest call COED ARIAN. Though there still might be a river running from a lake, near some silvery trees. Then again I wouldn't be surpised if there was.

While there might not be WORMS HEAD FARM on the western edge of what ever place might really have been the inspiration for the GOWER. I would then expect a few homesteads with wild goats. There might be alot of wild goats running freely and a PIT and a FOGOU as well.
There is a Crumlin in N. Ireland fairly close to Lough Neagh, but there's not much of the rest of the features. Near Belfast is Black Mountain and Cavehill, that's about the best I can do I'm afraid.
After doing a Google search for Crumlyn....

It shows up as place in Ireland as well.

How dissappointing it's not in Wales.

So I will keep looking.

Oh BTW, I alwways think of the famous english Crikecter once lampooned in a sketch on "The Paul Hogan show." You'd know the comedian if you rememebr Crocodile Dundee.

I know this place is the whole of wales, but I thought the idea that there's a more deolate area here sounds more like type of place I had in mind.

"The Desert of Wales" where the farm might have been, even if it didn't exist.