Tales of the Three Kingdoms


It's been well past time for me to post my game up here. I am still running MRQ1, but hey, its all the same (well no, but close), so I thought I would share my GMing with the community here.

Note: I'll be editing this and adding other posts with info, this is WIP.

I do not have the character sheets on hand, so I will go with descriptions of the characters for simplicity.

Dramatis Personnae:

PCs (unless otherwise noted all PCs are humans):

The Water Knight - a paladin and adherent to the merciful water goddess
The thinker, and defacto party leader, a good role-player, combat with a bit of magic
Never missed a game

The Sun Knight - an arrogant noble and warrior to the father god of the sun
The party tank, a good role-player, deadly with a sword, no two ways about it
Never missed a game

The Pirate - a rogue possessed of poor judgement
From a previous campaign, the player has used him for a good three or four years
Changed character in Scenario 5
Changing character for Scenario 7... :roll:

The Goblin - A Swamp Mage and loveable scamp
The groups 'Actor' group, into playing character, fond of onions, zealous reverence for frogs
Changed character in scenario 5, previously played a Dwarf warrior

The Lord - the new guy, an adventurer of goode breeding born with a silver spoon in his mouth
The most experienced PC & GM despite being the noob, instantly loved upon joining the group
Joined the game in scenario 6

The Wood Elf - a quiet warrior who dislikes humans
Warrior and tracker with a pair of magical swords, never missed a game
Never missed a game


The Squire - a young boy under tutealge from the Sun Knight

Added to the game, covered here: http://forum.mongoosepublishing.com/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=52268

Joined party in Scenario 4...I think...

The Alchemist - attached to the party on official business
Been with the party since Scenario 2. Beloved by the players, well, most of 'em.

Added to the game as low turnout one night, and the PCs loved the character, so he stayed
I set out on running this campaign to flesh out my own setting as the players progressed from adventure to adventure. I had a rough outline in my head, and fleshed out only what I needed for each game, and adding material to the world between games. It is still a work in progress.

Seeing as I did not want my players to know too much or have to read up much on the setting, they came from a different country which was invaded by an undead empire and subjugated. They fled to the nation where the game is set, being foreigners and outsiders, and thus everything could be new to them, but in a believable way.

The Journey so far (by scenario):

(1) Fall of a Nation

The party flee their homeland, fighting through attack after undead attack/ From defending a ghost town, fleeing on a steam locomotive, fighting through a fallen city thronged with undead, and fighting off a corpse dragon on the boat ride to the new country, the players made it. At the time, a Golem was in the party controlled by a Halfing PC (used by the Pirate). The half-way boss was a weak dragon with a device and a rune of mastery attached to its head, being under control by someone. The party were in trouble as it was when this happened, and the Water Knight PC used an acid stream spell, hit the Dragons head, melted away the control mechanism, which the Sun Knight funnily pointed out the spell said it destroyed the metal. The Dragon shook its head, looked around, and flew off disorientated. The party waited a few minutes nervously before they celebrted.

(2) Intrigue on the Island

Watch this space!

(3) The Tournament of Champions

Watch this space!

(4) Demonic Incursion

Watch this space!

(5) Bloodbath Banquet

Watch this space!

(6) The Sheriffs and their Quest

Watch this space!

(7) A Dark Night

Watch this space!

(8) The Second City

Next game - stay tuned!