Take the Jumpgate (Update)

Shadow Queen

Take the Jump gate.

A scenario for A Call To Arms.

A Babylon 5 Space Combat Game By Mongoose Publishing.

Babylon 5 created by

Written by Derina Ramsey.

This scenario takes place during the Narn / Centauri war of 2259.

But can be used with any battle fleet.

Instead of using PL’s of Raid, Battle etc This scenario will use Battle fleet points that equals 5 Raid points

EG: one battle fleet will be

2 Omega Class Starships (With fighters)
1 Nova Class Starship (Also with fighters)

Another will be 5 White Stars (With fighter flights)

2 Shadow Hunters (With Spitfires Fighters)
1 Shadow Scout

Or any fleet you can make up its up to you.

You can add more Battle fleets for a bigger and better Battles

The Attacker starts in Hyperspace and enters the area via the Jump gate, the Defender is stunned for one turn as they were not expecting anything through the jump gate at that time. The only thing they can do is attempt to reposition themselves using normal movement and turning.

The Attacker if they have the “Jump point” trait can chose to ignore the opposed “Activate Jump Gate sequence” if the defender agrees

If the test is failed the moment of surprise is lost and the defender can move 3 ships of his choice with normal movement and turns but cannot fire any weapons (This is as though they have a come about order.)