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Kosh: They are alone. They are a dying race. We should let them pass.
Sinclair: Who -- the Arachnids or the MI??
Kosh: Yes.


thats funny :lol:

now the new horde of plasma bugs aim and hit a wreck with the number 5 on it then carry on killing the soft bodys :twisted:
toothill man said:
babylon 5 the last best hope for mankind to the bugs a great place for a take-away :wink: :twisted:

Spoo in a can :twisted:

Delenn to the bugs/MI:"If you value your l;ives, be somewhere else!"

Besides, Dodger could take on the MI and win! Even after she died!

Londo about the Arachnids
"If you see anything this big with four legs coming your way, let me know. I have to kill it before it develops language skills."

No Greater sacrifice has ever been asked of a people, but i ask you now, to step forward one last time to cast your vote for A Call To Arms and to hold the line against Starship Troopers
:D :p :D :p
Hmm, now I've read some great crossover stories like Judge Dredd vs. Aliens, and Judge Dredd vs. Predator... but the next one I really want to see is Judge Dredd vs. Bugs. I think it would be amusing seeing the bugs attempt to take him on :)

I have been studying this song of the mobile infantry for weeks now, and I can tell you it means NOTHING!!!!

it goes like this -

You put your left foot in! put your left foot out!
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oooohh, we're closing on on them

Delenn: "How popular are they?"
Lennier: "Popular!"

The SST minis game attempts to escape. White Star vessels pour heavy fire onto it. Lennier overtakes and passes the SST box set. He then initiates a 180 and takes aim on the box

Delenn: "End this"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

toothill man said:
close but not over the top yet and the troppers got nukes :shock: 8) :lol:

So does Johnny "Nuke 'em" Sheridan!

Our Johnny would kick your Johnny's backside, I mean he went toe to toe with a Vorlon, and against Shadows with nowt but a PPG (And a nuke carrying WhiteStar but he didn't use that straight away)

Plus JS is so hard even dying doesn't stop him!

I can't believe that after all we've been through you still think threats mean anything to me!

DEATH! Been there, done that!


lyta: "You cannot harm someone who has been touched by a vorlon."

sheridan: *puts PPG to her head* "You're not the only one around here who's been touched by the vorlons!"