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which is your favourite mini game

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plastic wins it for me


second has to be ACTA as its a space ship game

but close behind is GoMC1 some of the minis let it down for me..
If you do not vote for ACTA i will personally order your seats to be moved outside, down the hall, across the station and into the Fusion Reactor, Do i make myself Crystal Clear

You are to know pain, you are to know fear and then you are to die at the required hour, but this can all be avoided by voting A Call To Arms

I am Death Incarnate and the last living thing you are ever going to see unless you vote ACTA now
Nice Pauly, I like it, but try this one on.

"Magic? You wanna see magic? I got a little magic trick for ya! I'll make your head magically pass through the top of the bar. I'll need complete silence or I'll need to ask for another volunteer from the forum. Let's see what was that magic game again? SST? Nah that's not it! I'll tell you what, I'll go home and look in my books then I'll come back. If you're still talking trash about ACTA we'll try it again and again until we get it right!"


You have to know that I would vote for SST, what with my forum name and all! But I do think GOMC1 is a close 2nd! (Never played ACTA, so I can't comment on that yet, sorry LBH!) :wink:
SST thinks they have bugs?
It was jet black, a shade of black so deep your eye just kind of slides off it. And it shimmered when you looked at it. A spider, big as death and twice as ugly. And when it flies past, it's like you hear a scream in your mind.
Bugs with brains, technology tactics... Not run at you and die bugs :)