Suggestions for Mongoose to Publish next in Lone Wolf RPG



Hey guys, lets start a list here for the Mongoose guys to give them opinons about what we'd like to see in the future for the Lone Wolf RPG.

As i've suggested in earlier posts, here are some must haves that would be almost a necessity for the game:

1. A monsterous compendium- A whole honkin' list of all the unique baddies that infest northern and southern Magnamund. We want all the monsters from the books! And hey, why not even some new ones that are inspired by Lone Wolf that the staff has invented? Maybe a Monster template: Agrashi? Minor Darklord? Xagash?

2. Regional sourcebooks. These will be as important as they are in Wizards' Forgotten Realms campaign seetting. I love Forgotten Realms and Lone Wolf's Magnamund because of the regional flavor that they give in every country that you travel in. I'd love to see a bunch of source books that dwelve into the different areas of Magnamund. Out of all, here are a list of some of my personal favorite areas:

a. Lencia and the crusade lands. This is a great place to base a campaign! It has a dark chivilric theme that i think could be explored really well in a sourcebook. Maps, prestige class: Lencian knight, and lets not forget a bunch of info on the Drakkarim. Including, their unique prestige classes: Death Knight, and Tukodaks. And a geography section that talks about the different towns, and areas. Hey maybe some info on the hellswamp.

b. The Plague Land of Ruel and its surrounding lands. Now this is my favorite area of magnamund next to the darklands. Its just plain creepy! full of evil to fight! Traps! Monsters, and lets not forget the Cener Druids! ideas to inlude: Monsters, prestige classes, Cener Acolyte, Druid, Arch Druid, info on Cadak? Info on their fould necromancy and herbcraft! Info about the Cener fortress of mogaruith and the evil forest of Ruel! And info on the surrounding kingdoms that are tying to keep the evil at bay.

c. Sommerlund & Druenor, gotta have a sourcebook about the two kindoms of good that are holding the armies of darkness at bay!

d. Vassagonia and Dessi- could probably get away with a sourcebook of both of these together. Definately alot of land and info to cover. Maybe a double sized book?

e. Southern Magnamund! I'm picturing a hard bound book that would be half the size or 3/4 the size of the campaign setting. A big book that talks about the whole contient and all of the countries in detail, prestige classes, regional feats, magical items, enemies to fight and adventure ideas. And info on the Shianti!

3. A map folio! I'd love to see some cool color maps of magmanund! Lots of close ups in detail of Northern and Southern Magnamund. Maybe combine this with a GM screen?

4. A book that details the differences between all the magic and the psionics of Magnamund. A seperate book would be needed to explain how to create magical items, more feats, and a complete discussion of the rules for psychic combat. It was a major part of the gamebooks. Seemes like every enemy was trying to use it! I can't stress the importance of this supliment enough.

5. I would love to see a book that details great events of the past. Maybe gives scenerios where characters can be sent to the past during pivatol events in history? The distruction of Agarash the Damned, When King Ulnar slew Vashna at the Makkengourge. This would be great! And to include info on these different villians and their stats would be a fun addition. And maybe some detailed history text to inspire epic quests of our own.

I've got lots of other ideas. I'll post them in time. Lets here what everyone else has to say.
I think that you have hit on a great way to do the regional source books for Lone Wolf. Two nations one of shadow and one of light. It would immediately introduce interesting contrasts and conflict, such as Dessi V Vassagonia, Lencia V Drakarim. In the case of the darklands and the lastlands I think they are so core to Lone Wolf they do deserve there own books.

A book on Kalte obviously. :wink:

I would like to see something on the Tentarias. The shipping the ships the major ports, the navies, disputes, taxes, economies and creatures.

Eru and the Hellswamp.

Stornlands enough contrast here all by it's self.

A book on the whole Makken region including Ruanon, Casiorn and Cloeasia. This could include information on the wealth of and threat to, these small provinces and states that lie on the edge of a dangerous wilderness and between some of the greatest powers in Magnamund.

I know that many of these regions could easily fill a book by themselves but as Magnamund is so large with so many nations wildernesses and cultures. I personally think that we have more chance of seeing more of Magnamund if some of the regions are tastefully combined.
Personnaly, my preference would go to a book covering the Southern Magnamund and the Shadakine Empire as some sort of "Grey Star extension". There's the problem of the timeline however. In the fighting fantasy book "The travel of the Moonstone", it's said somewhere that Grey Star lived thousands of years before Lone Wolf - so at the time of Lone Wolf's birth, the Shadakine empire does not exist anymore for a while. I' ll have to check this.
Great ideas all around, folks !

The "maps folio bundled with a GM screen" idea from Sunwolf is great. The look of the old maps and art were one of the most flavorful factors in the original books.

As for the scope of regional sourcebooks, I guess it will depend on the sales figures of the Core rulebook and Darklands.

As for the timeline problem raised by chrono_hal, I think a separate sourcebook for Grey Star is in order.
It would make a great alternate campaign, using the rules introduced in the core book, of course.
I think you will find that Lone wolf and Grey Star are contemparies The Durenese herbwarden Madin Rendalim (some thing like that) turns up in both series. Book 2 of Lone Wolf and book 1 of Grey Star.

If you read of the Coming of Grey Star from the first book. It states that Shasarak was crowned as overlord of the Shadakine empire when Grey Star was washed up as a baby on the shores of the isle of Lorn. This is just sixteen years before the begining of the book. It does leave some interesting questions about the state of the Shadakine empire at the time of the games setting.
Well, thanks for clearing that up. But I still think that Grey Star and the Shadakine Empire should be featured in a separate book, as they have a slightly different feel than LW, IMHO.
Well, ignore my previous post : yes, LW and GS are contemparies. There are two hints in the books : The Durenese herbwarden Madin Rendalim as WinterWolf said ; and a mention of Grey Star in the LW book #22 "The bucanneer of Shadaki" which takes place in 5083. At this time, LW is the Grand master of the New Kai Order and Grey Star was still the ruler of the former Shadakine empire only three months ago (don't know/remember what happened to him, I seriously have to check these old books.) These buccanneers by the way are the remnants of the warfleet created by the wytch-king Shasarak who turn into rebellion after his death.

Anyway, I second redlaco : The feel in the GS story and in the LW story are really different and that's why I'd like to see a separate book dedicated only to GS and his world too.
Suggestions for new books? No problem, here you go! :D

Adventure modules would be nice, and a book about the magic of Magnamund should be a must. But what I would dearly love to see are regional sourcebooks. Especially the following regions would be fascinating as well as useful for many Lone Wolf campaigns, at least if you ask me:

  • - The Magiocracy of Dessi. :D Homeland of the Vakeros and the Magicians of Dessi (one of the first character classes, after all!), refuge of the Elder Magi, and a powerful bastion of Good. Dessi has at least twice played an important role for the Kai Order; Sun Eagle and Lone Wolf found much-needed assistance here! And there are fascinating places and secrets to be found here; Kazan-Oud and the Chasm of Gorgoron, where the Gagadoth still lurks, to name just two. (And please don't just put it in the back of a Vassagonia sourcebook, it deserves to stand on it's own!)

    - The Stornlands. A fascinating area where adventure seems to lurk around every corner. And those adventures can take many shapes; ancient mysteries, mercenary work, political intrigue and good ol' battle against the powers of darkness. We have the Maakengorge to the north, Varetta as one of the oldest cities of Magnamund, the borders of the Darklands and Vassagonia, and the Cener Mountains right in the middle of it all. Then there's the Republic of Anari and the Dark Realm of Ruel, both of which could be included in the book (though the latter probably deserves a book of it's own).

    - Sommerlund. Naturally. Sommerlund is home to the Kai Lords, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, and the Sommerlending Knights. It is probably the land of Good in all of Magnamund, as favoured by Kai as it is. We have the Kai monastery, the Temple of Raumas, Malis Mound, Toran, and of course Holmgard. And don't forget Ruanon and the Kirlundin Isles! A great place of low-level adventurers at least, and I wouldn't be surprised if one could even get old here ... :wink:

    - The Shadakine Empire and probably the rest of the southern continent. As Sunwolf, Redlaco and the others suggested, a hardcover book detailing the southern continent as a kind of semi-alternate setting would be great! Maybe that might even be a good place for a description of the Shianti and their magicks? Well, your choice, here or in a "Magic of Magnamund Companion" ... *poke* Many Grey Star fans might even prefer it to the setting of the core rulebook. Me, I'd take both, in a heartbeat! :D And the poor Buccaneer of Shadaki PCs would probably like to visit home once in a while ...

    - The Daziarn. What more needs to be said? 8) Probably shouldn't be one of the earliest supplements, as many of us would prefer material for low-level characters at first, but do keep it in mind! ... Considering how much a sourcebook like that would entail, another hardcover might be in order. (And that would probably depend on whether the game sells well enough ... Here's hoping to that! :D)

As for regional sourcebooks in general, the inclusion of the following elements would make them a great addition to the game: A chronology of the past of the region, a description of the geography and the people, some local legends and lore, an in-depth look at places and people of mundane and mystical relevance, a bestiary, a "Madin Rendalim's Manual of Herbs and Plants" :wink:. An appendix with optional rules pertaining to the area, for example prestige classes (should they exist) and/or character classes, mundane and enchanted equipment with a local flair, etc. Add several adventure hooks, maybe next to the sections they draw upon, and include a removable, full-colour map (dare I dream of maps similar to those from the game books?), and you have a wonderful book ready to enrich many campaigns and adventures!

Combine that structure with the regions above, and I'll be desperately in need of a mop! :D Confound it, now that I started to get excited about these books, I probably cannot sleep peacefully tonight. :?

Paido, who's too old for this sh*! :wink:

edit: As even more ideas for stuff included in regional sourcebooks: How about a bit about the local language(s), e.g. a small Vassagonian-English dictionary for a Vassagonia sourcebook? And a few superstitions to add to a character's depth, either locally bound (e.g. "The Temple of Raumas is haunted by ghosts") or to carry around on your travels? ("In Holmgard, the crow is a bird of ill omen", for example.) ... Asking for much, all in all? Nah, just suggestions! :D

edit, too: Just a few minor corrections and clarifications.
Hi Paido,

The herbal is a great idea. I've got an illustrated version of the old Culpepa's Herbal this is quite cool with pictures of the plant as well as explanations to it's use. It's not considered a medical text anymore but a herbal like that instead of the usual chart's would be a great resource it could maybe include a Herbwarden of Buatar class as well, and maybe alchemy rules and an alchemist class.....

I guess if MG did a huge Magnamund Magic suplement this info could all go in there. The various herbs and salves have always been one of my favourite parts of the books.

I'm also to old for this sh*!. I'm now 32 and picked a first edition flight from the dark when I was about ten or eleven. I have kids of my own that like LW now. I have to say I haven't felt this excited about an RPG product for a long, long time. :D
Winter Wolf said:
[...] a herbal like that instead of the usual chart's would be a great resource it could maybe include a Herbwarden of Buatar class as well, and maybe alchemy rules and an alchemist class.....

Hmm, originally I meant that as a sort of guide to local herbs for each regional sourcebook, but you have made an interesting point there. Grey Star's Herb Pouch was one of my favourite pieces of equipment in that series, and Alchemy was fun. The Herbwardens would be interesting as well ...

Probably we can't hope for a supplement of it's own for herbs and plants (even if not only Herbwardens and Cener druids (!) were included, but alchemy rules and an appropriate class as well), but what about a combined Bestiary and Herbarium of Magnamund? (Maybe I got the wrong expression there - is that an archaic form of "herbal"?)

That would have more flair than an old-style (i.e., AD&D) "Monstrous Manual" as well ... What sayest thou, folks?

Winter Wolf said:
I'm now 32 and [...] haven't felt this excited about an RPG product for a long, long time. :D

:wink: Yeah, me too. On both accounts ... apart from the Lord of the Rings rpg, of course.

Oh, BTW: Don't forget about the combined Game Master's Screen and Map Set that has been suggested here ... :D

Paido, who does realize he's probably going overboard with his suggestions - but one can dream, no? (And maybe at least some parts of 'em are useful to the folks at Mongoose ... One never knows!)
Paido said:
Winter Wolf said:
[...] a herbal like that instead of the usual chart's would be a great resource it could maybe include a Herbwarden of Buatar class as well, and maybe alchemy rules and an alchemist class.....

Hmm, originally I meant that as a sort of guide to local herbs for each regional sourcebook, but you have made an interesting point there. Grey Star's Herb Pouch was one of my favourite pieces of equipment in that series, and Alchemy was fun. The Herbwardens would be interesting as well ...

Probably we can't hope for a supplement of it's own for herbs and plants (even if not only Herbwardens and Cener druids (!) were included, but alchemy rules and an appropriate class as well)

Hey, that reminds me, actually when we were working on the project (pre-Mongoose) to convert Lone Wolf to 3e, I wrote up an herbwarden class. I could revise that to balance with the other Lone Wolf RPG classes and maybe write something up for Signs & Portents. Get me published, finally.

What exactly *are* Ceners? As much as you hear about them, I was never really clear on what they were. I take it just inverse herbwardens, focused on plague rather than healing? Kinda a paladin/anti-paladin deal? That would be another great idea for the Ruel book, in keeping with the "conflict" ideas - Bautar/herbwardens vs. Ruel/Ceners.

Darkness and Light. Focusing on the other planes other than the Daziarn. Of course, darkness gets detailed more... Demonlord Tagazin (and Roark!)), Kekataag the Avenger, and whoever else is mentioned in the books.

The Danarg. Focusing on the Danarg, the Drakkarim of...Xuuthos, is it?, the realms of Talestria and Bor. Including some details on the builders of Ohrido. Maybe there's some Corrupt Shianti (AFAIK, it waas the Shianti in Danarg, right?) in the swamps? Ooh, plot idea. ;)
Makes me remember an old novel by Jack Vance in which he describes a guild of evil druids who sacrifice humans to a carnivorous oath. The Cenerians could be such evil druids. :)

As for a "Madin Rendalim's guide to herbs and potions", it would be a great idea since the Lone Wolf and Grey Star books are full of details about healing or poisonous herbs. But maybe S&P would be a better place for something like that.
Ordovician said:
Maybe there's some Corrupt Shianti (AFAIK, it waas the Shianti in Danarg, right?) in the swamps?

Close, but no cookie. That was my folks in the Danarg area - well, the Elder Magi, to be precise. So it's my "adopted" folks. :D

And all I know about the Ceners is that they are some sect or cult of evil druids whorshipping Naar and relying on foul herbcraft. They probably used that to twist the Forest of Ruel, as well as to create the plague that almost wiped out the Elder Magi. Oh, and they seem to have smaller covens/circles/whatever about everywhere in Magnamund. Malis Mound, in Sommerlund, anyone? As far as I know, they are even responsible for the current state of repair of the Temple of Raumas ...

(At the moment, I'm playing The Plague-Lords of Ruel, so I'm on the best way to get to know the Cener druids better. :? Better than a sane person would want to, I suppose ... :wink:)

I would love to see Regional books, as sunwolf suggested. Optional regional feats would be a logical inclusion if you ask me...

A Dazarin guidebook would be a must for higher level characters. Considering that both LW and GS spent time there, it could prove to be an important tome of information.

Monsters of Magnamund - this is a must, unless August managed to get them all in the CRB.... The monsters throughout magnamund are some of the most unique anywhere (Quoku anyone?).

Possibly some Era books, much like WotC's Era books for Star Wars. These books would be smaller, but could detail specifics for playing in the various Ages of Magnamund. Heck, put all that info in one book.

In the end, you could go on and on for this list. But hey, I wanted to make my wish list, so take it for what it's worth.
I have a few regional books to suggest as well. I think it would be awesome to have one that covers the Wildlands, a great place to go adventuring. Harpoon some szalls, get poisoned in Gorn Cove, or even get your throat slit in Ragadorn! What a happening place! :wink:
Also, I have always been very intrigued by the Maakenmire swamp. Any place that a malevolent race like the gourgaz come from is ripe for expansion. I also imagine that swamp giaks hail from this region as well. This area could either be combined with the Wildlands for one sourcebook since they are right next to one another, or covered in a sourcebook of "unexplored regions" that could cover the Danarg, Hellswamp, Maakenmire, Rootstrangle, and any other similar places. Of course, I would certainly not object if there were enough information to warrant a stand-alone sourcebook. . . complete with an adventure module or two.
Speaking of which, I'm also hoping for adventure modules with or separate from the expansion books.
~Relenoir, who is already conniving ways to make his gaming group members' lives miserable! :twisted:
The herbal probably would struggle to stand alone. I think herbs and alchemy are one of the areas of the world where there is great potential for some creativity. I always got the impression that the herbs and alchemical preparations that you saw in the game books just scratched the surface of what was available.

For example:

'1 Bundle of dried Azawood Leaves (a base constituent that will charm up to 4 magical potions). Cost: 5 Nobles'


'The broad, dark leaves of the Azawood tree are much sought after by alchemists and magicians, for the smoke of the burning leaves is said to grant protection against the forces of evil, and when dried and crushed, they can be sprinkled into various potions as a charm to increase magical potency.'

the only thing I remember them being used for was keeping away deathgaunts in book 2.

Considering that the stats in the games books are so simple and we still got a very good selection of potions etc. The scope with the introduction of a fully fledged RPG must be enormous.

Maybe somebody from mongoose could tell us if all of the herbs and preparations found in the books will appear in the RPG. There are a lot I know I did count them up once I think it was round about thirty, and that was without the grandmaster books. There also different versions of for example positions of Laumspur and Alether there were some very potent concentrated versions.

I can't wait for the book to see how this stuff has been handled. It will at least give us a framework to begin our own port of thing that harm and heal from the game books. I'll have a dig through the books and put together a list then I'll start a new thread and you guys can add anything that I miss.

I changed my mind the Herbal could easily stand alone... :lol:
Love the herbal ideas! I think they'd be seperate from the monsters book, as there is a great variety of fauna on Magnamund!

What I'd like to see is a pronounciation guide for the various monsters and herbs and places named throughout the books. Many are fairly self-explanitory, but some I just don't have a clue how to pronounce without feeling silly (Oede herb, anyone?).

Will this be covered inthe main rulebook at all?

All the proposals sounds good to me but...
I wonder why nobody only have the idea to propose an ADVENTURE book.

it is perhaps a cultural difference between french and anglo-saxon gaming traditions. As I'm a french speaking gamer, I guess the french are far more found of scenarios supplements than the anglo-saxon guys. But I may be wrong... :?: