Stygian Tomb Dust


In the description of Stygian Tomb Dust, it says the target gets a reflex saving throw to avoid the effects, but it doesn't say an attack roll is needed. Other alchemical items, e.g., the various demon fires, specifically mention a ranged touch attack roll to hit (though they don't get to save against the damage, just the extra effect). So, is an attack roll needed for Stygian Tomb Dust? I'm thinking not, instead of an attack roll opposed by defense, it is more like a spell with a magic attack roll opposed by a save.
It's a cloud effect, essentially, and fills its area and any targets within the area of effect have to make the save.

I made my players roll an attack using the Magic Attack Bonus to get it to work properly, otherwise they'd catch themselves in the cloud, but that's the house ruling I did.

Thanks for the response. As for the cloud effect and all within having to make a save, I'm wondering a bit more on that. It doesn't indicate it affects more than one person, or provide any area of effedt (e.g., 10' radius) or what not, so what led you to that?
i can't remember where it is, but it may have jsut been the mode of delivery as explained in Tower of the Elephant. Something tells me we had to cross reference the rule book and the module to figure it out, but we spent about 10 minutes working out the logistics and intent of the stuff. (lol)

Try looking under the alchemical section. The blow tube deliver system may have been under there, or it may be that the whole "blown powder" concept was under some other substance and not the Tomb Dust.

All sound equally likely - memory is too fuzzy...
Thanks, I'll check the module and "delivery systems" ;) Regardless, I think it doesn't require an attack, though knowing how far one can throw it, how it works exactly, etc. is good to know... I'm trying to figure out whether Telekinesis will work on Stygian Tomb Dust for instance...
Oh, heack'd work. It's light enough. That's really the only criterea, IIRC.

I just used the magic attack bonus as a "make sure you use it correctly" mechanic, ya know?

Exhale, dont' inhale. (lol)

I also have the huge advantage that my plyers have no idea what this stuff is, so the potentcy of stuff is completely alien to them. Making them do stuff like MAB checks keeps them on thier toes.