I am not too sure what is happening with the Street Punks Catalouge at the moment, if indeed it will ever see the light of day or not, but I would say that it may surface at some point along with Matt Sharps Undercity book and my Atlantis book. But in the meantime you can get a Dredd fix in Signs and Portents issue 1 with Matts Long Walk Judge (which I think you have already mentioned) and my updated Lawmaster article will be in S&P 3.

Hope this helps

Thank you Marc, but I dont buy S&P, I dont think it is worth the price for a few pages of j. dredd. I am a lot more interested in source material than boring rules, this is why I use the games workshop rules instead. The judge dredd justice central uses rules that are easy to understand. I just get the mongoose guides for source material from the comics but they dont cover mega-city 1 very well. Mongoose should focus on the city a lot more or fans will get bored - brit-cit and altantis sound crummy. The rulebook noly scratches the surface. I think that mongoose have dumped Dredd for cash cows like B5 but hope that the under-city book will come out as a free PDF!
Well not to sure that I agree with Brit-Cit being crummy as John did a really good job on the source book, and as for Atlantis if it ever sees the light of day its packed with more source material than most of the other books, as I had to create the station from a few pages of comic material. Still each to their own.

I also hope that Undercity sees the light of day soon as Matt Sharp is an excellent writer.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Hi guys,

Sorry to not drop in earlier - what with B5 and d20 licences, we have had quite a busy week (not to mention the Secret Project).

We have a new Dredd book coming out in January, the Rookie's Guide to the Undercity and plan to have more follow (though not necessarily every month). The Street Punk's Catalogue is currently awaiting one writer and one editor to bind everything up and make it coherent, so it is still on the horizon after RG Undercity. As well as this, we have RG Atlantis and several other bits and pieces we have been keeping under our hats!

BTW, it is worth keeping an eye on S&P - I believe the next issue has some updated and expanded rules for your Lawmasters. . .
Dredd Times said:
I also hope that Undercity sees the light of day soon as Matt Sharp is an excellent writer.

Thanks, Marc!

Although, the Undercity wouldn't be the Undercity if it could see the light of day...
Hooray! Nice one Matt, brightened up my day reading this.

As good as your word. January for the undercity - nice one. I had to run a short adventure in there recently, hopefully yours won't feature shanty western towns with cows as horses....... And a tribe of escaped Chimps and Gorillas from raised in a zoo, that have colonised parts of the subway

jesus what was I thinking..... I suspect one of the players must have slipped something in my drink....
hassanisabbah said:
I had to run a short adventure in there recently, hopefully yours won't feature shanty western towns with cows as horses....... And a tribe of escaped Chimps and Gorillas from raised in a zoo, that have colonised parts of the subway

Well, herbivores (like cows and horses) wouldn't survive as there isn't enough living vegetation to support them. However, there should be a breed of albino pig (called a hawg) that lives on fungus, which could be used as a riding beast.

And there's a breed of troggie (deep troggie - stupid, Morlock like creatures) that live in the New York subways - the descendants of the homeless vagrants who have lived there since the 1950's. Although the subways were filled with molten lava during the Dredd/Aliens crossover, which made a swift re-write necessary!
It's great to hear that the Street Punks Catalogue is still on the way, but could someone tell us a little more about it? Is it a book of equipment for perps or something else?

I found this article on the official 2000AD website asking for submissions for the Street Punks Catalogue. Unfortunately, it looks like the closing date for submissions was last December. Here is the link:

I would love to here from Mongoose as to whether there is any chance if still getting in submissions or not. I know that Matthew Sprange mentions above that they are waiting on one writer and one editor to bind everything together and make it coherent... are either Matt Sharp or Marc Farrimond involved in this one?

Also, since the page will probably get deleted from their site soon, I thought I'd copy the text here for prosperity.



The Street Punk's Catalogue is a new Judge Dredd supplement due for release by Mongoose Publishing. Inside, players with citizen characters will find all the equipment, weapons and vehicles they could possibly want, complete with catalogue entries and reviews from the streets!

However, Mongoose Publishing has decided to open this book up to you, the players - what do you want to see in this supplement? This is your chance to not only write for Mongoose Publishing, but also to influence the Judge Dredd universe, in however small a way.

We are looking for players to submit various pieces of equipment - such items could be something as impressive as an armoured vehicle, to as humble as an expanded backpack or kneepad. You are free to come up with your own creations, or submit improvements on existing designs - the only requirement is that each piece of equipment should look and feel like it belongs within Mega-City One.

Categories All submitted equipment should fall into one of the following categories. The Judge Dredd rulebook will help you decide which category a piece of equipment should fall into. For example, a titanium rollcage should be placed in the vehicle category.

General Equipment
Armour & Clothing

What Do I Get Out Of It?
Everyone who sends in a successful submission will be credited within The Street Punk's Catalogue and receive a free copy. Those who are judged to have acted beyond the call of duty will receive some extra goodies from Mongoose Publishing - likely before anyone else in the world gets the chance to get their hands on them!

Every item of equipment submitted should be in its own Word document and send via email to The closing date for submissions is December 31st.

All submissions should use the following format - an example is provided for on page 3 if anything is not clear.

Submitter's Name
Submitter's Email
Submitter's Postal Address
These three should be easy. . .

Title of Equipment
This is the name of your piece of equipment - remember, include the make and model of it, even if the actual piece of equipment is quite minor!

As detailed above, list here which category your equipment should be placed in.

Advertising Slogans
What we need to see here are 2-3 really eye-catching slogans advertising your piece of equipment - imagine you are actually a salesman in Mega-City One and are trying to sell this thing to a citizen or perp! Each should be a single sentence in length.

Catalogue Entry
This is where the 'background' details of the item go - detail its design history, and point out any good features. You may be as technical as you wish, but the style of this piece of text should be very much as if it were in a catalogue - again, really try to sell this item! This entry should be between 100-200 words.

Game Information
This is where the rules go. List here anything special that players need to know (like DC checks needed to use the item, etc), as well as the stat line required for weapons, vehicles and robots. Stat lines should take the same format as those used within the main rulebook.

Word on the Streets
This should be 2-3 sentences of a review from your typical street punk - write it as if he is actually speaking to the reader out loud. Also, list the name of the punk speaking. He should have a typical Mega-City One name, possibly with a nickname.

Justice Department Review
This should be a 4-5 sentence piece showing a section of an official Justice Department report on this equipment. The language should be terse, to the point and dripping in officialdom.

Example Submission
The following is an example of what your submission should look like.

Submitter's Name:
Jimmy Bond
Submitter's Email:

Submitter's Postal Address:
Mr J. Bond
The Wharf
United Kingdom

Title of Equipment
Zavodikov PT-57 Hand Gun


Advertising Slogans
New import from the Sov-Block!
More stopping power than the Cursed Earth Eagle
The most powerful Hand Gun in the world!

Catalogue Entry
From our contacts within East-Meg 2, we are proud to announce the legendary Zavodikov PT-57, officially the most powerful hand gun in the world - and at a price just right for the average citizen on the street. Forget what the patriots say, the Cursed Earth Eagle does not come anywhere near to matching the raw power of this weapon and when your back is up against the wall, who wants an inferior tool?

The Sov-block craftsmanship, so quickly dismissed in the Big Meg, really shines through on the PT-57 and our own tests (of course we test all these items out for you!) have demonstrated not only the superior accuracy of this hand gun over the Cursed Earth Eagle, but also its capability to punch through 4 inches of plastisteel - first time, every time. There is no better hand gun on the market - do you really deserve anything less?

Game Information
Small pistol weapon. The magazine of the Zavodikov PT-57 holds 6 rounds, weighs 0 lb. and costs 200 cr./500 cr.

Weapon: Hand Gun, Zavodikov PT-57
Cost: 4,950 cr.
Black Market Cost: 14,950 cr.
Damage: 4d6
Armour Piercing: 13
Area of Effect: -
Critical: 18-20/x2
Rapid Fire: 1
Ammunition: 6
Range Increment: 150 ft.
Weight: 4 lb.
Type: Projectile

Word on the Streets
'This is some serious drek, I tell ya - well worth pumpin' up the creds for. Teflon Shanks of the Spectres was the first spugger to meet my shiny new PT-57. Never seen a head come apart like that before. . .'

Justice Department Review
The PT-57 marks a worrying development for judge patrols on the streets. Just a few years ago, a perp had to work long and save hard in order to be able to afford a laser pistol, then the only personal firearm with a realistic chance of punching through standard issue armour. Now, hand guns are appearing that are fully capable of ripping through even riot armour. This version of the Zavodikov hand gun is the most potent yet and despite the strictly utilitarian appearance common to most Sov-made weapons, the muzzle and chamber technology is among the best we have ever seen come out of East Meg 2.