[Steampunk] My C.O.G. background and miniature


Hello all.

I am working on a convention game of OGL Steampunk and one of the characters is a C.O.G.

I've thrown his write-up and pictures of his miniature on a quick & simple webpage:


The miniature started life as a MageKnight mini, but I chopped a few bits off, added a few of my own (can you guess which ones?) and repainted the whole thing.

This is the first character I've made for the game. I have three other concepts (an elf who hates technology, a rich nobleman and his ghost servant/bodyguard). I will post those later as I polish them up, but any feedback on the C.O.G. would be appreciated.


Hey Kiln, thanks!

The Golem War is an as-yet ambiguous event that helped shape the world where my OGL Steampunk games will be set (if I ever get to run my Steampunk campaign).

I want the Golem War to be a shadowy and uncertain event in the world's not-too-distant past. My world moved from a D&D-style magical focus to a dependance on steam power. (and magic has been relegated to the province of mystics and mediums)

The Golem War was integral in this. Magically-driven golems rose up and rebelled against thier human (and demi-human) masters. Hybrids and C.O.G.s were developed by science as expendable soldiers against the golem. The only good machines were ones powered by mechanical means, in the eyes of humanity and his allies.

In the end, the golem were barely defeated, due largely to the efforts of the sentient C.O.G.s. The defeated magical machines were driven far up into the icy north "where no man could hope to survive". Mankind would have loved to wipe the golem from the face of the Earth, but after the long and bloody war, lacked the resources to do so.

The C.O.G.s were well rewarded for their bravery. They are a very real, physical reminder of the golem and the war. As such, they are treated as second-class citizens by most, hardly better than Hybrids.

Meanwhile, in the frozen and icy north, "no man" survives, plotting thier eventual revenge with the patience only a machine can display.

So, that's the Golem War in a nutshell. Of course, it will all be subject to change as the campaign starts up and progresses. ;)

As for the game running at a convention, I am just flattering myself. The convention I will be running it at is the convention we hold at our house every year for 20-30 of our friends. I will also run it at the "house-con" of a good friend. Sorry for the hyperbole.

And again, thanks for the feedback!