(STEAMPUNK) Confusing?


Did anyone else find the different classes rather clunky with their corresponding free talents, feats and traits?

It seems that the cut and paste from the various SRDs was done with wild abandon with little to do with actually maintaining some continuity.

It's becoming increasingly frustrating for me to read the material.
I am currently designing a steampunk, and I would love to work solely off the OGL Steampunk so I can worry about the setting, but I just can't bring myself to use the materiel. It just seems so clunky. In my opinion they should have gone for a solely D20 or D20 modern approach, and not try to mix the two together. But then again, who knows. Has anyone had any positive experiences with using the steampunk rules?
With a lot of modification, yes I do find it quite playable.

Biggest changes:

Dropped the weapons tables, and used the ones from Sorcery & Steam instead.

Added the automatic weapons fire from Deadlands D20 (why there are no rules for autofire in OGL Steampunk escapes me).

Added the option to spend an action point to lose a limb rather than die from a failed Massive Damage save.

Added prosthetics from Steam & Steel. (Both of these because I view prosthetics as a vital part of steampunk, and because with the damage from Amazing Machines so very high the game can be incredibly lethal.)

But then again I am a rules tinkerer, and view the expanse of D20 and OGL options as a giant smorgasborg.

I think the book could have used a few more months of development, but it was already late.

The Auld Grump