Staying in character


I have been preparing to start a group through some missions. I am going to require that everyone stay in character. One of the issues is calling each other by character name. I have ran several things through but just can't seem to come up with a solution that fits the genre. I have considered those soppy "My Name Is..." stickers and computer generated labels, even considered having them write their names on their foreheads with a grease pencil. Any ideas out there?
Why not try having the characters go by the same name as the player... just while they're getting used to the game. Giving that staying completely in character is really part of the game, using their real names will make it even simpler. If anyone shares a name, try a variant, like Michael and Mike.

Otherwise, I don't see a big problem with name tags. Or, just have an introduction at the start when everyone announces their name, in character, and offer small Perversity Rewards, as positive reinforcement, whenever a player gets another player's character name right. Just a point or two. Then make it harder... say a couple of points if they get all the names right for a scene. Then eventually wean them off it altogether.
At most cons and things like that I have seen index cards folded in half and put in front of each player, with the charecter's name on it. This will only work if you are sitting around a table though. so if your just sitting around the living room playing then this wouldn't work.

No that is not a tatoo of a secret organization!