Auto-Jimmy: A new(ish) utility for players and referees


I've recently released an open source desktop application to provide some utilities for Traveller players and referees. It was actually released a few weeks ago but I've been holding off posting here as an issue with the forum is preventing me posting links to the project. Unfortunatly those issues still seem to be ongoing so I've decided to post anyway. If you want to find the project you can google for Auto-Jimmy + Traveller, that should either find the github repo or posts on other forums that have links to the repo.

Auto-Jimmy is written in Python and runs on Windows, Linux & macOS. If you're wondering about the weird name, it's named after my Traveller character, notorious space pirate Jimmy Brogan.

Many of the features are generic and should be applicable to different Traveller variants, however some features are specifically aimed at players using Mongoose rules with support for 1e, 2e and the 2022 update rules.

Some of the highlight features are:
  • Rule system agnostic jump route calculation
    • Waypoint worlds the route must pass through
    • Avoid selected worlds and/or worlds based on attributes
    • Optimise routes by number of jumps, parsecs travelled or estimated cost
    • Integration with Traveller Map to display routes
  • Refuelling plan calculation using Mongoose rules
    • Calculation of where to refuel along a jump route and how much fuel to take on in order tominimise costs
    • Most useful for long routes and/or when reliant on star port refuelling
  • Automation of weapon creation using the Mongoose 2e Field Catalogue rules
    • Calculation of weapon attributes based on configuration and loaded ammunition
    • Automatically generated notes listing the more complex rules that apply to a weapon, whenthey apply and what their effect are
    • Export of weapons to PDF "character sheet"
  • Referee aids Mongoose Speculative Trading & Smuggling rules
    • Dice rollers for purchase and sale process
    • Support for local brokers
  • Experimental player aids for Mongoose Speculative Trading & Smuggling rules
    • Options to see how each variable in the trading process would affect a trade
    • Estimation of profits for trading between worlds if the player was to make average, worstand best case dice roles at each point in the trading proces
The project has been released on github under GPLv3. I think it's ready for a wider audiance to start using, but I still consider it in beta. It won't be out of beta until I've had some feedback from users. For now at least, I'm not taking requests for new features, I want to concentrate on fixing bugs and improving usability of what is already implemented.

If you do use the application, I highly recommend that you read the welcome pop-ups that each of the utility windows display the first time it's shown. Documentation is currently very limited, and the text in these windows gives an overview of features. In addition to this, most of the more complicated options have tool tips that will give extra details of what they do.

The Jump Route Planner window showing the route covering the shortest distance from Dudin to Terra at Jump-3, only refuelling at gas giants and avoiding worlds with a Law Level over 6 and/or an Imperial Scout or Navy base.

The Field Catalogue Gunsmith window showing the manifest for Jimmy's rifle

The Field Catalogue Gunsmith window showing the final weapon details for Jimmy's rifle. The notes are automatically generated and give conditional modifiers and other such details
impressive work, now how do i install on macos?
Thanks. The install instructions from the readme are applicable to macos as well. I've tried to make things as step by step as possible but if there is anything that isn't clear, drop me a message and I can try to help out.