Starship Weapons


Does anyone have some house rules (or know of a planned errata page) for dealing with the fluff errors in the new starship weapons? Somehow along the way, Centauri battle lasers (60) became more powerful that Minbari Neutron Lasers (50). The lighter weapons look about right, but something bad happened to the premere "Young" laser. I am thinking that Neutron Lasers should do 70 damage and Improved Neutrons 80. Seems more consistant with the show anyway. While I'm on it, the space requirements for weapons also seem way off. Everything less than heavy seems to be 1 space, everything heavy 2 spaces, except for the spinal laser of the Hytch (6). Of course, a twin-linked heavy harmonic laser is at least as good as a spinal laser( TL: 45+(1d12+1d6 Beam), SL: 50+1d12 Beam), for the same space and about half the cost...

Just venting, 1st edition seemed to do better with this aspect of things...