Starship Operator's Manual - Coming May 1st!

Completely re-written.

I would figured it would would be than any revised edition. Why not rewrite it, one thing I've picked up from Youtube reviews of your books as I navigate what you have put out as I'm new to Traveller is just how well written your books are. Take for example the glowing review Page121 gave of the Third Imperium book who recommended it was one of the first non-core books a beginner to the game should get if going with Mongoose 2e. Made it my first sector book to get and I agreed with him completely, while the information was great, it was just a well written and interesting to read book as well as useful as a location(s) guide. Sounds like we could hope for the same here, not just helpful in a game context but just interesting and fun to read.

on that note.. really hope there is a Vland/Corridor or Lishun sector book on the horizon from you all. I suppose there are (were?) some issues working with past material from the Megatraveller days but the huge history Vilani is a subject I'd love to see Mongooses writers take a crack at and hit it out of the park.
it does! Thanks! I haven't got that yet, and missed it was a part of that box set, but now have all the more reason to get it!
whose lunch lol. Ours here on the right coast? Granted I'm enjoying my work day watching tennis on one screen and continuously refreshing the Mongoose forum on another while unanswered emails keep coming in but ... come on... push those buttons!!
perhaps I'm just projecting my own celebratory proclivities but going to assume there are mass quantities of beer involved... a late running launch party for the book down at the local pub??
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I feel this would have been a lot more humourous, if the launch announcement had been made at the first of last month.