NEW! Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Newton-Class Lab Ship


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Starship Deck Plans For VTT: Newton-Class Lab Ship

For Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, and other popular VTT platforms.

The Newton-Class 400 displacement ton Lab Ship is a favorite of scientists, researchers, and scholars across charted space. The ship can carry 23 displacement tons of cargo.

As a mustering-out benefit for Scholars, or the setting for your next sci-fi horror story, the classic Lab Ship science vessel is just right.

What Comes In This Map Pack:

-- A high-resolution, large, fully detailed battlemap detailing the inner decks of a Newton-Class Lab Ship science vessel.
- The map comes as both one large map or 4 smaller maps.
- The main map is 128x17 (12800x1700)
- Each sectional map is 32x17x100 grid, 3200x1700 pixels (JPG)
- With and without grid
- Furnished and unfurnished staterooms and commons (decorate your own ship using internet assets or furniture packs from CyborgPrime - coming soon)
-- Wireframe player handout/GM key
-- 2 Removable G-Carriers for vehicle bay.
-- Ship Guide- A detailed description of all areas of the ship
-- Detailed installation instructions for hassle-free use. Be up and running in minutes!

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