Starship Operator's Manual - Coming May 1st!


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The long-awaited Starship Operator's Manual comes out next week on May 1st!

Your indispensable guide to running a small spacecraft, it covers maintenance, construction, jump travel, and combat, as well as vital operations to keep your ship flying.


Any chance on leaking the TOC in the meantime? Just to keep the appetite up.
Let me see...

Power Systems
Life Support
Cargo and Docking Systems
The Computer
Sensors and Communications
Jump Drives
Reaction Drives
Weapons and Defences
Crew Roles
Maintenance and Repair
Ship Walkthrough
Animal Safari Ship
Suleiman Scout/Courier
Empress Marava Far Trader
Awesome, well worth waiting for, thanks Matt!

I already know that I'll be flicking straight to the 'Ship Walkthrough'.
That sounds like my kind of content ;)
I'm going to use the first pic as visual evidence, that you CAN use a docked launch's thrusters to increase your velocity in a type K.
To hell with what the ref says.
Amenities! Yay, amenities!

(In all honesty, I'll be going to the ship walkthrough section before I really make it through Amenities... Or Hull...)

One thing spacecraft do have a lot of, is air, not necessarily breathable.

It could be warmed up, or lowered, for preference.

True, that would be the opposite of suction.
really looking forward to this, especially now with that chapter sneak peak, going to guess we aren't getting a regurgitation of core book presentations of the various systems of the star ship, and their basic use/functions, but the book will go in to far more detail into in ship systems. Very curious and rather excited to see what the book gives us and how it is presented. Can't wait!!
My players had a lot of questions about how their spaceship works and I myself wouldn't mind a more technical and less abstract description of systems and life onboard.
I don't think so, Matt said in the Release Schedule Thread that it's;
"Not a rulebook - very much lore-heavy."

My guess is that it's intended to help to paint the picture of what daily life on Starships in Traveller is like.
To understand what this book is, what it's for, you should look to the original version of this type of book in Traveller:

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^ that would be great. I held off on buying a secondary market copy of that hoping to get a current Mongoose version (revised edition??) of it