some rules for my campaign


Hey all,

I am in the process of compiling all of the optional rules that I am going to start trying in my game and wanted your thoughts one of them.

I am going to try the Armour rules from OGL Ancients in my game. At first I am only going to use part of those rules and work the rest of it in to see how much it changes combat in my mean streets.
Armour in my game now will have a Damage Reduction stat and a Damage Ablation stat. They both are subtract from the damage of the attack but the Ablation number also is how much damage the armour takes. For example, if my armour has a DR of 3 and a DA of 2 then the armour can stop up to 5 pts of damage, if the damage is 6 the armour stops 5 and takes 2 pts of damage and 1 pt gets passed on to the wearer. If the damage was 4 then the armour stops it all but only takes 1 pt of damage. So the armour can be damage beyond repair and the players will have to worry about the condition of the armour.

Here is a parital listing of what the armours stats will be...

Armour DR/DA
Leather Jacket 0/1
Light Armour Shirt 1/1
Pull up pouch vest 2/1
Undercover Armour 3/2

Armour Clothing* 0/3
Gunner Vest 3/3
Tactical Combat vest 4/3

Hvy Combat Vest 4/4
Class 2 4/4
Forced Entry Suit 4/5
Class 4 5/5

* Armoured clothing in my game is fashionware type clothing. I could see tatical verions give a 1/2 or 1/3

The DR and DA together are bout the same DR given in the Cybernet book.

The armour will have four conditions mint, damaged, battered and ruined. I am still working out how many hitpoints each armour type has and since I am not using the armour check (yet) from Ancients for each category below mint the armour gains a -1 to effective DR to a minimum of 0.

Comments? Suggestions?