Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Belt Racer


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One week to go until the Small Craft Catalogue is here and you will be able to take the Vargr Belt Racer for a spin!

Less than MCr1 will give you 6 tons of Thrust 16 goodness!

For about 50 minutes...

Belt Racer_Mark Graham.png
There is something in the psyche of some Vargr that demands speed, and if some speed is good then more must be better. The asteroid belt races of the Extents have extremely high casualty rates, are often made illegal… but are compulsive watching as mid-tech, reaction drive-powered racers roar at unbelievable speeds through the thickest clusters of asteroids in the system. There is very little else that racing craft can accomplish but merely owning one is guaranteed to be bought drinks in some Vargr bars.
Flames make it go faster. Day-glow green, electric purple, and glitter flakes makes Vargr ships go faster.

Red ones go faster.


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