Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Corsair Pinnace


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The Small Craft Catalogue arrives this Friday!

If you are taking a trip to the Vargr Extents, you will want to look up the Corsair Pinnace, a 40-ton boarding vessel that tends to be used for many different roles - a real jack of all trades.

Corsair Pinnace_Mark Graham.png

Based on a 40-ton hull, the corsair pinnace is intended as a boarding craft for Vargr corsair ships. However, Vargr being what they are, it is not quite as specialised as a boarding shuttle and consequently gets used as a bit of everything. If it were to be described as a ship’s boat that was capable of conducting boarding attacks, that would not be too shy of the mark. These pinnaces can be seen throughout the Extents and beyond its borders, acting as transports, passenger conveyors, patrol craft and, of course, on board corsair ships as boarding shuttles.