Small Craft Catalogue Peek - The Luxury Shuttle


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Got MCr20 to burn, and want to travel the star system in style? The Luxury Shuttle from the Small Craft Catalogue is the only solution. High speed and absolute comfort are just the start of what is on offer.

Luxury Shuttle_Mark Graham.png
A luxury pleasure craft, this shuttle is typically owned and used by nobles and wealthy corporate leaders for jaunts around a single system – it is best viewed as a non-jump-capable yacht, with fittings and facilities to match. Though possessing decent performance to get the busy executive where they need to be on time, it is intended to provide a means of travel in absolute comfort while marvelling at the sights a system has to offer. As such, when not berthed at a starport, a luxury shuttle can often be seen in close orbit of interesting moons, planets and gas giants.