Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Civilian Hopper


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From the pages of the forthcoming Small Craft Catalogue, we present the Civilian Hopper - just about the cheapest way to jet about a star system!

Weighing in at 6 tons and way less than MCr1, it is perfect for small businesses and families.

Civilian Hopper_Mark Graham.png
Sold to single owner-operators and families, the civilian hopper is a general-purpose utility vehicle intended to travel between worlds performing roles both business and pleasure. In a way, it is very similar to small, low-tech ground-based trucks, where price is the absolute selling point (MCr0.6603). Extremely functional, the hopper is nevertheless reliable, easy to service and highly adaptable to whatever task it is put to.
I've done this before, so I'm going to speculate that the High Guard section will be somewhat filled with more options, or clarifications on engineering.