Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Gothta Ambush Fighter


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The Small Craft Catalogue will be with us tomorrow, and in its pages you will find the Vargr Gothta Ambush Fighter - its pressurised hull makes it perfect for lurking in the atmospheres of gas giants, ready to spring out on refuelling ships!

Gothta Ambush Figher_Mark Graham.png
A highly specialised fighter, the Gothta is unusual in that it is built with a toughened pressurised hull. This allows it to act as an ambush fighter, lurking in the deeper atmosphere of a gas giant in readiness to strike at an unsuspecting target. This requires some degree of co-ordination between forces, as the Gothta’s own sensors cannot detect an approaching enemy, any more than the enemy should be able to detect the fighter. Instead, the Gothta must rely on deep-atmosphere penetrating communications for the signal to attack but, properly executed, this attack can be devastating on refuelling starships.