slaine poll favourite weapons

what is your warriors most used weapon?

  • sword(including greatswords)

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  • spear(including bellows spear)

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  • axe(including battleaxe)

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  • club

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  • other(please tell?)

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Yeah I'm playing a Celt in a GURPS campaign (yeah I know it's not Slaine* but still it's a true Celt with geases and all). Born to a noble family, he has been cursed by a Shide who slew all other members of the family because of a perceived wrong. His curse is terrible for a Celt : apart from being amnesic, he has lost all his hair and the skin on his head is affected by a minor form of leprosy°. So he must keep his helm on all the time otherwise his fellow Celts will know how low he has fallen. He passed a few years on a self-imposed exile, but at the beginnig of the campaign he is coming back to the emerald isle to lift the curse and get his revenge.

And he use only a large battle axe, a bardiche in fact. Another geas he has is he can only fight with some form of axe. That's why I voted for Axes...

* Been trying to find a copy but my FLGS has long since run out of copies. Later I'll order directly from Mongoose, methinks.

° Apparently, it doesn't impair his ability to seduce women. :mrgreen:

P.S.: I've finally got onto the Slaine wagon as I received the graphic novels "Horned God" 1 & 2, "Time Killer" and "The King". Definitely great stuff, I love the art and story. There is definitely something deeper to the story that warrant a few more readings.
Yes this is very true Tooth! And I hope to promote Celtic Carnage of Mythic proportions. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! <Naked covered in dyed mud and wielding a HUGE Axe!> :twisted:
Hey, I've just lent my Slaine comic books to a friend and he likes them a lot (at first he was doubtful). Next step is to convert him to playing in Slaine... :twisted: