Shadows of Sindal Thread (Spoilers)


Cosmic Mongoose
Which is the Glorious Empire's genetic tampering on the planet Fantasy. 91 percent of the births are female. Reducing the number of males might make the females become more powerful and be able to trade and deal with the outside worlds, without the drive for new territory.


Emperor Mongoose
One summary I saw for a science fiction novel, where male births were a rarity, made them a precious commodity that could be used in marriage contracts, and the women took over the combat roles to protect them.

It would fundamentally change Aslan society and culture.



Cosmic Mongoose
Ran another session on Roll 20 today, and my players set a new record for gaming groups. They used the samples of the biochemical that gathered on Paal to take to the Scholars tower. They had more biochemical agent made, and used the biochemical on the Ihatei camp on Thebus. Instead of capturing the cargo the Profiteer was carrying they added the agent to the cargo to affect the Aslan on the camp.

So yes, my players have joined the sides of the bioterrorists in the Grehai movement. Which they are hoping to use to pin any blame to the Grehai movement, and not the Drinaxians.

So the module is turning out just a bit different than what is written. There is less concern with mentally degrading an honorable Aslan, and more trying to figure out if the biochemical can be modified to act as a contact poison as a method of infection.

So I have to map out the Thebus camp and the players are basically going to do what the Subsidized Merchant did on Paal, wait for the Aslan to go feral and then attack the encampment with heavy weapons. THEN they will loot the encampment and take the treasure back to Drinax, completing the mission of the King.

I told my players I was going to get a "I GM for Sociopaths" t-shirt.