Scholar One-Page Character Sheet suggestions



I've got the Scrolls of Skelos and I'm in a creative mood again. 8) I'm thinking of using my energies to make a scholar-specific 1-page character sheet, something similar to my one-page character sheet for Conan (see this old thread for information about the existing one-page sheet).

So I ask you, what sort of stuff do I need to include to make this a perfect sheet? And if I include more stuff... what stuff do you think I should take out? Alternatively, should I make a "companion sheet" that has all the scholar information as a second page?

Let me know what you want to see, and I'll see what I can do to make something we all like, or at least something we can all use. Ultimately, I'll design what I think is the best idea/layout, not necessarily what gets the most votes. :p

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Well, if it was possible to have a scholar spell section, that looked similar to a feat page. With small boxes next to the spells, in a somewhat required order. Basic spells would be higher up in the category then the advanced spell section. Similar to what is in the books, but at a much smaller font, to fit on the page. Maybe 8pt or 9pt font.

Overall excellent idea.