S&P-Tlazitlan- out now!!


Signs & Portents 22 - Out Now!
Red Nails
Introducing Tlazitlan characters to the Conan RPG

wooohooo!!!!! :D
been waiting for this for a while,
hey mongoose!!
thanks for listening!!!!
i'll get out of the office and go nag the guys at the game shop to get S&P

another wonderful conan article I'll never see...

/pleads with Mongoose to break out the SCI FI and the Fantasy articles into seperate magazines...
Arkobla Conn said:

another wonderful conan article I'll never see...

Don't lose hope: in Aquilonia there are some PrC from S&P, in Hyboria's Fiercest is the Iranistani race from S&P and I think we can expect Khemi description and Chariot rules in the upcoming Stygia book, though they are both already published in S&P: it wouldn't be complete if they were left out. So why not Tlazitlan? They ARE Stygians in part...

Another thing: in an Hyperborea book there will surely be the Witchman PrC from S&P.

This Mongoose policy, which they hopefully continue beyond Aquilonia and Hyboria's Fiercest, is even better than a CONAN annual, isn't it? :wink: