Return of the NRD

Sir Brad

Banded Mongoose
Back in the 80's I had a Paranoia character "Comput-R-NRD" started in 1e, the GM left the gaming Guild after a few months and the game died, but one of the guys I played with got there hands on 2e, after a string of pre-mades and some laser fodder I by chance re-made Comput-R-NRD and he survived the Secret Society Wars, through the Crash and Re-boot, mostly because Paranoia wasn't of our main games. when 5e came out one of my characters was a virtual re-boot of the OG Comput-R-NRD in 5e form

over the weekend an old freind started a new 2e paranoia game and not a word of a lie I made a new character and he came out within a few stat points old Comput-R-NRD (still had perfict Moxie and Mech Apt and all tha bases and bonouses where the same), got the same Mutation (Machine Empathey), Secret Society (Computer Phreaks) and Service group (CPU), I talked the GM in to letting me waste points on skills not in the main book.

Anyway he survived the first adventure without losing a clone where the rest of the party where four clones deep by De-Brief. how did I achieve this? by being completely non threatening by displaying my mediocre combat skills after I established bureaucratic cover for the party and pointing out that I was the only one that knew how the paper trail worked. the player of Intsec plant didn't like me and came after my character even though his service group mission was to counter the Secret Society mission of one of the characters that was supposed to be gunning for me and his Secret Society mission was to stop an other character from acquiring my personal McGuffin he didn't know I had.

Anyway Comput-R-NRD is your Admin Department IT Guy, in his day job he keeps the computers running and surprisingly knows how the producers work so he picks up a lot of slack around the office, end of shift he goes back to his over crowded Red Clearance Dorm where due to the over overcrowding he has set up a cot in a disused service cupboard and spends half the night Diving the Net.
I used all the tricks to persuade the other players I was no threat, I fudged rolls to make my sub-par marksmanship worse, I spoke too loudly in a "Secret" sidebar trying to beg of being made assistant team leader, when the NPC team leader got merced by bad guys I delegated most of my power away almost immediately.
our NPC team leader was on his last clone and it was his last mission before retirement from active troubleshooting, he was so busy covering his but against our incompetence and/or betrayal he didn't see incoming enemy fire and caught a HEAP Cone-Rifle shell to the face.