RuneQuerst Release Date


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Hi guys,

Before anyone panics :)

The official On Sale Date (the date you can expect to see a book in your local store) for RuneQuest has been resest to August 7th. Now, this has only been rolled back 7-odd days, but that is enough to carry it over another month - officially.

Unofficially, there will be copies floating around before that, delending where you are - and anyone lucky enough to be at Gen Con will find we have plenbty in stock at our booth :)
*panic* *confusion* *noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!*

Joking aside, that was unfortunate. However, since the place where I order my books from, tend to be very very slow in sending what you order, I guess 7 days is not much in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you for informing us about the delay.
Jeff Cope said:
Well...that's just another week with which to scrounge for the funds to purchase the rulebook!


I will toss pennies and other shiny things at you if you perform amusingly for me :D
I am interested in this thing you call Runequerst, but won't you have problems with copywrite?

What sort of system will it use?

Is there an offical world?

Well. It seemed funny at the time.