Relics and Ruins of Atlantis

LokiOne said:
I was thinking of adding some Atlantean quality Weapons, Relics and Artifacts to the 'Treasures' available in the game. Maybe these items are more commonly found in the shallows/ coastlines near Argos, Zingara, The Barachan Isles, or the shores of the Picts.

I yearn for some variety to the material rewards that I can deal out to My Players. Maybe some Treasure Tables, to go at the end of a possible Conan Bestiary to be forthcoming ???

Any ideas, clarrifications or comments from Anyone ???

Do the Core Set v3.5 Rules list suitable Treasures at all? I know that Conan has to be a 'low magic' World. The major Relics from current lists seem to be major rewards for the end of climactic scenarios.

You may want to check out the Masterwork rules in Green Ronin's Black Company campaign setting for more relic ideas. I don't want to hock another company's product but they have some nice rules for this type of stuff.

For example, above average items come in 6 levels of quality that can have benefits added to them. Think of the benefits as feats for your weapons/sheilds/equipment each level adds another benefit to the item. An average weapon (lowest level) has no benefits, and a masterpiece (highest level) adds +10,000 sp to the cost and can add 6 benefits to the weapon. Types of benefits range from Accurate (giving you +1 - +3 to hit), Lethal (gives you a +2 - +6 to confirm a crit), Threatening (giving you a +2 - +6 to your intimidate checks), ect.. I think you get the idea.

I think this type of system would work well w/ Conan to replicate 'relics' w/o getting into the realm of 'magic items' that most of know. I plan on folding this into my Conan games b/c my players would like to have some signature stuff, either by finding it or spending the skill points and crafting it themselves over time.

Like LokiOne I want to have some material rewards I can dole out to the players only to take them away after they've gotten attached to them :twisted: