Hey people, I told some of you that i would write a little about how our group runs and the set up etc, so I decided to start with our new game which had its debut last weekend.

The game starts at the Mek Officer academy in Seoul.
Rick Masters the rich kid Scout with a gambling problem is called into the commandants office where he finds Brigitte the french comms specialist. Brigitte and Rick had known each other for the entire 4 years at the academy and where both known for getting into a bit of trouble and for not having the best grades.
This didn't bother Rick to much as his Dad paid for his fees. Brigitte on the other hand was an orphan on scholarship.

The commandant informed the two students that they had failed their last Pilot exams and were required to undergo a make up exam under the direction of Anders Johannsson . Anders was one of the brightest students at the academy which in itself made him automatically dislike by most of the student population.

The mission was a simple simulated one where the group had to assault a radar outpost and base and hold said base from the enemy until relieved.

All group members performed really well though not up to the standards that the commandant would have liked. Rick showed his usual reckless attidude by holding his position in the face of a charging mech right until the last moment before a volley of rockets would have torn him apart where he fired a medium laser through the cockpit of the oncoming mek killing the pilot just seconds before certain death.

All three pilots passed the exercise and graduated form the academy.
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Careers night at the academy was an interesting experience for all.
The newly founded group needed to make some very important life altering decisions.
They decided to take the plunge and start their own Merc company. This was where they signed their life away, thats right they got a bank loan. They initially considered individual investors but after doing some research settled on Weltwiet Finanzeiring which came with swiss bank accounts for handling transactions.
The group had to undergo significant background checks before Weltwiet Finanzeiring would approve their loan. The only problem they faced was Rick's dubious background.
Eventually Rick cleared up the problems and he set about registering the company for incorporation and registering the company available for contracts with the various authorities.

Rick failed to consult the rest of the group in the naming of the company and decided upon the name of the Regulators without any consultation.

The next step was to purchase meks and accomodation.
Delivery dates were established, a warehouse was purchased to store the meks and the computer systems in the office of the warehouse were upgraded.
Rick made sure to spend some money on upgrading his wardrobe which he assured the group was for the best, as the groups negotiator he figured you need to spend money to make money.

The Regulators moved into their new accomodation over the next few days. All members of the group were living in their office as they could not afford any other form of accomodation at this time.

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