Hello guys. I have just bought Paranoia XP and all of the expansions(brilliant RPG - the best Ive ever read) but I need some help please as I have a query.
I refer to CHARACTER CREATION rules on page 26 of the PARANOIA CORE RULEBOOK. SECRET SKILLS which starts on page 25 and carries onto page 26.
It reads:

Write the skills on the secret side of your character sheet. For secret skills not on the regular non-secret list,roll 1d20;the result is the skills rating. For specialties from the regular non-secret list like Demolition,determine their rating normally from the governing skills rating. If you already have that speciality or weakness,dont change the existing rating.

I dont understand the above text: What are skills not on the regular non-secret list and what are specialties from the regular non secret list like demolition??????
Can someone help me please with the above text. I have thoroughly read the book and this is really the only rule query that I have. Thanks!
Hi Joe! The "regular non-secret list" refers to the Specialties list on page 19, the list of skills and specialties available to all characters. So, for example, the Computer Phreaks secret society teaches the Unhealthy Secret skill of Hacking -- but "Hacking" is also listed on the Specialties list on page 19, so you would determine the Phreak's Hacking rating the same way you would for any other specialty (that is, +4 over the character's governing Software skill).

Skills "not on the regular non-secret list" mean anything not listed on the Specialties list on page 19 -- that is, almost all the Secret skills in the box on page 25. Twitchtalk, Propaganda, Bribery, Forgery, etc. -- you determine these ratings with a 1d20 roll.
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