404 Compendium is Here!


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Yet another exciting way to demonstrate your allegiance to Friend Computer, 404 Compendium has arrived!

You can grab your own copy, like a good clone, right here: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/products/404-compendium

Paranoia Compendium Cover Small.jpg

Like most RPGs, missions (AKA adventures) are the bread-and-butter of Paranoia. After all, you cannot play without a mission to run through. But what about non-mission ideas? What about GMs who are brave, wise and insane enough to make their own missions or want content to drop into their games?

The 404 Compendium includes:

  • Central Casting: A collection of ready-made NPCs to drop into missions to make things even more deranged. Did the players pull a fast one and want to chat to a non-existing NPC? Guess what, they exist now.
  • My Metal Chums: 7 most common bots get their own NPC write ups and several variations, as well as more bots than you can shake a 5-prong plug at. Also, joybots scare us a little.
  • Not So Simple: Players starting to get a bit cocky? (Keep your head out of the gutter, citizen.) Here are ways to complicate things during missions, specific tasks like bureaucracy, and how service groups can ruin the Troubleshooters’ plans.
  • Traitors-A-Poppin’: Top 5 Most Wanted Traitors in Alpha Complex. Each comes with full stats, lackeys, locations and mission prompts. With a bit of work, GMs can have missions involving Major Omega, w00ter and more.
  • Keep Traiting On, Traitor: ‘In-character’ flyers for every secret society to hand out to players or mine for ideas. As an added bonus, each group also gets 3 hideouts where they can plan their nefarious plots against all that The Computer says is good and pure.
  • Puppet Strings: A character generation mini-game that ups the shenanigans so players have even more reasons to be at each others’ throats at the start of the game.
The 404 Compendium: 6 parts, 1 title, and a metric tonne of treason.