Questions about Sky Full of Stars


Hello mongooses!

I have one or two questions about SFoS:

You write, SFoS will a stand alone Produkt and not a D20 Product, now my questions:

Will you include a description for each ship in the style of the Fact Books as we known: Class (Collosal etc), HP,DV, DR and so one, or will you create new charts for the ships, so we will see new stats for all ships we have seen befor in the Factbooks or will the SFoS kompatibel and transparent in the point of shipstats. :?



Good questions that I haven't though of, I have assumed that the ships will have the stats that they have in the d20 books...

If they don't have that and doesn't support d20, I might not want to buy it, since I want to stick to B5 d20 and not mixing any rulesets. But I'll have a look at it at least and see what it's like when it comes out before I decide.


We'll have to wait for August or Matt for an official reply, but my understanding is that they redesigned the game rules from the ground up. They will fix the sometimes incoherent ship size categories among other improvements. After all, it will be an advanced space combat system which will use minis/tokens, compared to the abstract one we have in the sourcebook. Hope I'm making sense here. :?


And there we are in absolute and complete agreement.

From the way responses have been, I believe that the responses have indicated that the ships will follow along with what has been put out in the RPG. However, they are going to input a good deal more detail in order for the system to be a workable miniatures game. Though, you might see changes in certain aspects, I doubt that they will ignore the pull of RPG.