Question On Converting Fantasy Races For Use With Babylon 5


I just received my Dragon Compendium, Volume I in the mail yesterday and as I read the Diaboli and Lupin entries, I thought it would be cool to integrate them into Babylon 5.

I am wondering if anyon has converted D20 fantasy races to Babylon 5 and what advice they may have for making such conversions.
I personally wouldn't advise it. The fantasy races are more of a "high fantasy" concept and it just wouldn't work out too well for B5 in my opinion. Besides with all the races in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds you surely could find something worthwhile.
I think that you have to choose the races very carefully, and make sure you have a good scientific (or pusedo-scientific) argument for any powers and / or abilities they have.

I was going to introduce the Mind Flyers [Ithilids(?)] as a race of bad guys; their physical stats were no problem but their psionic abilities were way over the top for B5. My plan was to tone them down a bit and raid the Psi Corp and Technomages books for ideas. Of course I could just wait for the Drakh books and save myself a lot of bother.